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22nd April 2021 Home


9TH APRIL 2018

If you didn’t hear me the first 50 million times I mentioned it, Ali and I recently moved house. We bought our first home together almost 4 years ago to the day and it was our happy, cosy home for many years.

Just after we got engaged in 2016, Ali became self employed which meant our beautiful little house was occupied and in use around the clock. I remember shooting a campaign for Pandora where we had photographers and assistants in our house all at once, there were lights, cameras and cats everywhere, the sofas were up on their ends and it was in that moment that I knew we had completely out grown our space.

It is just under 2 months since we got the keys to our new house and I’m still not entirely sure I can believe it’s ours.

Throughout my teens I experienced a long period of time where I was unsettled. I had no base and no where I comfortably called home which is what I attribute to my disinterest in travelling during that time. All I wanted was somewhere that felt like home and it wasn’t until I became a home owner that I truly felt that. This house is my dream  and has given me a new lease of life when it comes to every day living, I’ve felt myself thrive in my new environment in ways I’ve never experienced before


[luhk-shuh-ree] adjective

A quiet contentment that comes from living well and taking pleasure from one’s surroundings.

I was experiencing the true meaning of luxury and at the same time learning how to make my surroundings as luxurious as I possibly could in our new home. For me, Luxury It isn’t about how many handbags you own or whether your shoes are new season Prada, but if it is yours, that is absolutely fine too. Don’t let anyone rain on your Luxurious parade, Sweetie!

From our mid terraced first home to our light and airy forever home, it has always been our mission to create a space which we take pleasure in and whilst the latter is going to take a little longer than the former did, we are excited for the journey ahead. With our first home it was about maximising on light and space where we could so naturally, we painted the whole place white and kept the colour palette neutral, delicate shades with lots of big mirrors and storage areas. When we would tell people that in actual fact the house had very small windows and an even smaller sq ft, the shock on their face told us we had achieved our goal.

Since moving into the new home this feeling of luxury is something we want to create with a lot more freedom, we are no longer limited by the size of the property with regards to colours and palettes, meaning we can be a little bit more adventurous (I hope, please don’t hold me to that).

From this Luxe Housekeeping was born, a space within my blog to share the journey with you all, the tips and tricks I learn along the way from spring cleaning essentials to furniture faux pas. I’m trying not to make a rod for my own back with this one, so whether this will be a regular feature or a mini series is undecided (ah, the beauty of having a blog, I make the damn rules) but whatever it does become, hopefully you will find some nuggets of wisdom in amongst my ramblings, If not I can promise some pretty pictures of everything a long the way.

So here’s to a new chapter for I would love to know the kind of content you would like to see from Luxe Housekeeping so please do let me know in the comments below.


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