• #InTiaWeTrust on Film

    As I'm sure regular readers will know, in the Summer I was whisked off to Ibiza to be a part of the current Tia Maria campaign #InTiaWeTrust. It has been so surreal to be a part of and with every new … Read More

    #InTiaWeTrust on Film
  • Every Day Make up Routine

    It's finally done, dusted and live on my YouTube Channel, my "Every Day Make up Routine is up! If it wasn't bad enough seeing my naked face over on my blog post about roacctuane (see here) now you can … Read More

    Every Day Make up Routine
  • Current Favourite Glute Workout

    Leggings are the bane of my existence, which isn't a phrase that you hear every day but when you spend as much time in them as I do, you kinda get to understand. These technical leggings from the new … Read More

    Current Favourite Glute Workout
  • Thigh High

    I'm currently sat on the train to Manchester, I hate train rides. That is, until I'm actually on one, with my bags stowed safely away, headphones on, laptop open, I realise how thankful I am for the 2 … Read More

    Thigh High
  • A Personal life coach for £20 + YouTube Video

    I am definitely my fathers daughter, back home you will likely find my dad either in his office, packed to the rafters with computers and technology or dosing in front of the TV with an array of … Read More

    A Personal life coach for £20 + YouTube Video