• Master the Morning Workout rountine

    As I mentioned recently, I had to completely flip reversed my work out schedule. Instead of hitting the gym in the evenings, I had to some how mould myself into a morning person. Sounds simple enough, … Read More

    Master the Morning Workout rountine
  • Chasing Sunsets with FitBug

    Gadgets to aid and track your workouts are popping up all over this joint, but after the failure that was my first experience of them (see post here) I was apprehensive to give the new Orb from … Read More

    Chasing Sunsets with FitBug
  • Eivissa

    Summer for me will always be bitter sweet when I think back to the four summers I spent on The White Isle (someday I'm sure I'll stop going on about it) I love British Summer time, but the hedonistic … Read More

  • Meditation & Me.

    It's amazing how responsibility creeps up on you. It seems like only yesterday I was day drinking before lectures at Northampton University, sleeping in until half past whenever the hell I want and … Read More

    Meditation & Me.
  • The Naked truth – ROACCUTANE

    In my 2 and a half years of blogging, never did I imagine this post would actually happen. And by that I mean never did I think I would be sat here with skin I wasn't (that) afraid to bare … Read More

    The Naked truth – ROACCUTANE