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opening chapter six – hello june

As we open chapter six, it's time to say hello to Summer...



Morning strolls. Dappled light. Bare legs promenade at dawn. Golden rays. Summer solstice. Don’t forget to look up. Tomatoes blush. Spinach sprouts. The kitchen garden gives back. Alfresco dinners and lunches. Breakfasts, too? Go on then! Country lanes bulge with cow parsley and wild flowers alike. Bright blue skies. Aeroplane trails – an intricate map of journeys been and gone. BBQs blaze. Mowers roar. Buttercups burst from below. Spring retreats. Curtains up. At long last, Summer’s here.



Day one. A bank holiday? May, I like you already. From the ponds to the trees, new signs of life all around. Hedgerows thicken. Forests fill. The woodland canopy bulges once more. In the greenhouse, shoots emerge from seeds sown in soil long ago. Bright blue skies. Vivid lawns. A blissful breeze delights. Village fêtes. Country fairs. Crowds potter amongst stalls. Windows open. Mowers rumble from gardens afar. Sunglasses on. Linen shirts. Sandal season is back. Bees wake up. Back to work. Pollen scatters far and wide. Garden gatherings. Patio days give way to patio nights. Sunshine beams. Summer tempts. Not long to go now, hold on. Ground your feet. Take a breath. Rejoice in all that is Spring.



Longer days. Lighter days. Here comes the sun. At last. Colour pops. In its element, the English garden comes alive once again. Bulbs burst. An annual gift. Fresh, fragrant and flourishing. Good Friday. Easter Sunday. Another Bank Holiday? Keep ‘em coming! Families gather. Feasts with friends. A toast to togetherness, bottoms up! My birthday. Another year older. But wiser? Time will tell. April showers. Then sunshine. A constant battle to and fro.  Sow seeds. Dig deep. Feel the earth between your palms. Lunch outside. Shall we risk it? Oh go on then… it paid off! Chicks hatch. Lambs skip. Nature works its magic, yet again. Mini Eggs. Hot cross buns. Let the Easter egg hunt commence. Spring is here. Ladies and gentlemen, our collective patience paid off.



Lighter mornings. Lighter evenings. Too good to be true? I think not. Linen shirts. Pastel hues. Floral dresses waltz down the streets. Rivers flow. Blossom blooms. Freshly mown grass fills the air. Windows open. A symphony of noise. The dawn chorus sings from above. Walks with friends through fields, ewes watch from afar. Guarding lambs, hours old – A sure-fire symbol of Spring. Inhale. The smell of hope. Blow those cobwebs away. Buds burst open. Daffodils dance. Grass – well trodden – fights back. Declutter. Cleanse. Cultivate calm all around. Clocks jump forward. Hours stretch. Why good day to you Spring!



The baby of the year. 28 days. They fly by! Take them in. Bridging seasons. Stuck in limbo. Will she summon sunshine or snow? A little lighter, a smidge brighter. Air fresh, full of hope. Snowdrops – unafraid – poke their heads up from below. In the greenhouse, sow dreams for the months ahead. Back indoors, dim the lights. The scent of rose fills the air. Silk slips. Trimmed with lace. Dress to impress… yourself. Pancake parties. All the toppings. Toss! Flip! Stack ‘em up high! Final frosts. Be still. Reflect and breathe – what’s going well? Winter bows. Daffodils tease. We wait patiently for spring…



The dawn of a new year. A clean slate. Hope hangs in the air. Fresh starts. Fresh thinking. Fresh opportunities await. In the depths of midwinter, hedgerows barren and bare. Go within. Be still. Reflect. Revive. In the morn, look outside. The sun wakes up through bare trees. Temperatures plummet. Wrap up warm. Snowflakes waltz in the wind. Earth frozen. Paw print tracks. Fields crunch underfoot. Cashmere scarves. Wooly hats. Leather gloves, a must. At the weekend, lazy days give way to lazier nights. Light the fire. Grab a blanket. Pjs on. Snuggle up. Armed with lessons from last year, look ahead. Lean in. Strip it back. What really matters? More of that please. Let’s go…

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Like nature throughout the seasons, I’ll be the first to say that my style has evolved over the years!

These days, I’m partial to timeless, tailored pieces that make me feel good and quite simply, echo the season we’re in… 


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I'm happiest when I'm at home pottering in my greenhouse, hosting friends or curled up on the sofa with Ali, Porter, Berkeley and Lumi.

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Ad Finally experiencing the gardens in bloom at @belmondlemanoir 
Dress @emiliawickstead 
Shoes @emmylondonofficial 
Hair @imy_hair for @greatlengthsuk
I’m in my golden era. Ad having nurtured my hair back to health with professional haircare, supplements and hair oiling I knew I didn’t have enough time to grow my hair back for Summer so the wonderful team at @greatlengthsuk enlisted @imy_hair to transform me into my Summer style for the next few months. For those that don’t know Great Lengths has always been my extension brand of choice, about 15 years ago I had them for 2.5years to help me grow my hair back after I experimented a little too much with my style. My hair grew back healthy and strong and I didn’t have to wish the time away as the extensions gave me the extra few inches I needed without damaging my hair. I will have these removed at the end of the summer to continue to grow my hair back with regular Diamond cuts.
Checking in to L’Orangerie @belmondlemanoir Ad
The wildflower pathways are coming to life 🌿
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