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Day one. A bank holiday. April, I like you already! Beloved, British bluebells bloom at last. Sowing season. Spring rays. Sunshine and showers. Cherry blossom. Mown grass. Blue skies above. Hot cross buns (not for me thank you!) served far and wide. Birthday month. My birthstone? Diamond! What else!? Outside, sights, sounds and smells of new life. Hours spent potting. Bulbs aplenty. Just give it time. Sunglasses on. Floral dresses shimmy down streets. Picnic dates. Alfresco lunches. The first of many to come. Migratory birds return from their travels down South. Windows open. Delight in the chorus above. Nature’s comeback. Timed to perfection. A sign that we too can bloom. With courage, look up. Step forward and flower.

We too can bloom. With courage, bloom. 



At dawn. At dusk. Light returns, at last. Dandelions. Daisies. Daffodils dance.  Dappled streets lined with blossom, please passers by. Leaves – revived – fill with colour once more. Cloudy skies. Silver linings. Sun – gaining strength – seeps through. Afternoons in the greenhouse. A light jacket will do. Ewes stand on guard protecting their young. Lambs – hours old – leap in the sun.  Good Friday. Easter Sunday. Bank holiday season is here! Pub lunches aplenty with friends you hold dear. Breathe in. Harness the hope in the air. Cleanse. Declutter. Keep surfaces bare. Days stretch. Clocks lean forward. Welcome back Spring! Open windows and doors. Let optimism breeze in.  

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My Spring Favourites
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My Spring favourites from H&M

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Dressing Room favourites

Like nature throughout the seasons, I’ll be the first to say that my style has evolved over the years!

These days, I’m partial to timeless, tailored pieces that make me feel good and quite simply, echo the season we’re in… 


Home & Garden favourites

I'm happiest when I'm at home pottering in my greenhouse, hosting friends or curled up on the sofa with Ali, Porter, Berkeley and Lumi.

Which is why I pay so much attention to how my home looks and feels throughout the year and tend to let my mood dictate the decor as the seasons unfold...


Beauty favourites

In the same way that a beautiful outfit makes me feel unstoppable or echoes my mood if I’m keen to unwind, I find so much inner confidence in knowing that my hair feels healthy and styled or that my choice of lip colour or perfume compliments the demands of the day...

My Energy Ball

Want a snack ready in 5 minutes that's both delicious and nutritious? Read on...

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