h&m – timeless high-street style for autumn/ winter

19th October 2023
Introducing my 'timeless high-street style' series...
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This new blog series was inspired by an influx of queries about whether you need to spend hundreds to create a timeless, luxury wardrobe.

My answer? Though I appreciate that quality can come at a cost (owing to the time and dedication that goes into perfecting craftsmanship in all of its various forms) I’m a big believer in the fact that you can find timeless pieces on the high street without the big price tags, that – importantly – will long-outlive trends.

With that in mind, I thought I’d put my theory to the test and scour the H&M site to find timeless pieces for Autumn and Winter. In my opinion all of the below, if well cared for, will look just as good this time next year as they do now… and for many years after that for that matter.

With that said…

The Printed Jumpers…

Timeless doesn’t have to mean plain! Which is why I was drawn to these jacquard knits. They come into their own every Autumn and Winter and are perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons or nights spent at a pub in front of a roaring fire. 

The Colourful Jumpers…

Timeless doesn’t equate solely to blacks and neutrals either. When it comes to wearing colour, I let the shades of the season guide me… which is why deep shades of evergreen, cranberry, moss and stormy greys stand out at this time of year.

The Neutrals…

That being said, neutral shades of beige and cream will never date so snuggling up in any of the below will never get old!

The Everyday Basics…

At this time of year, long sleeved tops come into their own and add a welcomed layer of warmth as the temperatures fall. By opting for plain colours in neutral shades, they can be dressed up or down with ease as the nights draw in and you won’t get bored of the colours because they’re in classic shades. Once I find a fit that I like, I tend to stock up!

The Dresses & Skirts…

What I love about these dresses and skirts is that they’re still playful and have personality but they’re all in fabrics, shapes and shades that are flattering for my silhouette – a crucial element to timeless style! By sticking to block colour, I can play around with accessories which allows me to reinvent how I wear them over the years.

The Coats & Jackets…

Given that coats and jackets tend to be on the pricier side, in order to get your moneys worth, I highly recommend keeping the following question in mind when scouring the shops for your next purchase: ‘Will this defy trends and still look good on me in years to come?’ Personally, these coats and jackets tick that box for me. I’d simply play around with accessories to keep them feeling fresh each year. 

The Shoes…

I shared my luxury boot guide here (aka. The boots that I live in each Autumn/Winter) so the boots below are an amazing affordable alternative in my opinion. 

Look out for the next instalment of my ‘timeless highstreet style’ series, where I’ll be shining the spotlight on another highstreet brand.

Until then…

Looking for more A/W Outfit Ideas?

Take a look at my previous edit here…

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  • Christin Katzen
    31st October 2023 at 12:28 am

    Where can I find the link for the h&m jeans

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