revisiting old favourites – the autumn edition

5th September 2023
In no particular order...

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There was a time not so long ago where the idea of rewearing an outfit was unthinkable as a content creator.

After all, I’m quietly confident that part and parcel of my initial success was because I loved owning and being seen in the latest ‘it’ item or trend.

For a myriad of reasons (largely influenced by evolving thoughts on what style means to me these days) I’m grateful that I’ve moved away from that mindset in recent years and proudly rewear multiple pieces in my wardrobe throughout the year.

Which is why I’m excited to bring you the first instalment of my ‘Revisiting Old Favourites’ series – a seasonal blog post that I’ll share each quarter in which I go through my wardrobe and share the key items that I’ve owned for ages and very much plan to continue wearing throughout the season. (With the hope that I encourage you to revisit wardrobe favourites and get the most out of the pieces you invest in too, that is.)

With that in mind, allow me to present Autumn’s Old Favourites – the key pieces that I’ve worn in years gone by and plan to continue wearing in the weeks ahead. 

The jumper

This will be the third year in a row that I will reach for this jumper and I can hand on heart say that I love it just as much today as I did when it first arrived. Available in three shades (coffee, white and beige) it’s one of the cosiest jumpers that I own and all three colours are perfect for this time of year.


The 1st dress

I can’t begin to explain how much wear I’ve got out of this dress since discovering the range on Amazon in March ’22. It’s one of those dresses that is whatever you want it to be. Got an event? Add a belt and boots. Off to the shops? Opt for a belt and flats. Lounging round the house? Wear it with a cashmere cardigan and slippers. At £40.99, it’s such good value for money, too.


The 2nd dress

For the days where you’re looking for a dress with slightly more structure and warmth, my House of Bruar dress comes to the rescue! Made from marled lambswool flannel, I opted for it in ‘deep forest melange’ – a timeless shade that echoes the colours of the countryside outside. Paired with tights and my ‘Kate’ Louboutin’s (listed below), it’s the perfect example of ‘town and country’ elegance.


The ‘in the country’ blazer

As I mentioned in this Instagram post last fortnight, I find myself gravitating back to Holland Cooper’s iconic Paddington Jacket because it’s so versatile and can be worn draped over my shoulders to and from meetings in the city and look just as good paired with jeans, walking boots and one of their classic, country fleeces on a dog walk, too!  Yes it’s an investment piece but I know I’ll be wearing it in years to come.


The ‘in the city’ blazer

I’ve had my double-breasted black blazer from Khaite for 3-4 years now and am already looking forward to wearing it again because it transforms outfits with ease. Both formal and informal and suitable for day or night, it was an amazing investment if I do say so myself! As far as I’m aware, it’s sold out everywhere but I’ve linked an elegant alternative from Alexander McQueen here.


The country boots

When you live in the countryside, you soon learn that waterproof boots are a must. Though I love a good pair of fleece-lined wellington boots, Dubarry’s tick the waterproof box and work well as hardy walking boots with grip too. For that reason, they’re my go-to throughout autumn/winter and look just as good wading through muddy puddles as they do paired with jeans and a cashmere jumper in a local pub.


The city boots

My black leather ‘Kate’ boots from Louboutin immediately come to mind when I’m in need of a ‘why investing in quality matters’ case study example to highlight. I wear them with pretty much every outfit when I’m out and about in autumn/ winter. (It’s why I insist on wearing them in every single A/W campaign that I shoot for Karen Millen too!)


The Leggings

The bee’s knees of leggings right here! If you’ve followed me for years, you’ll know that I wear these leggings in shade ‘espresso’ on a near-on daily basis throughout autumn/winter. Paired with my Dubarry boots (also featured on this list below) they’re the ultimate leggings for dog walks, country walks or lazy days around the house. 


The jeans

You can’t go wrong with a flattering pair of black jeans paired with trusty boots and shirt/jumper/blazer at this time of year. For that reason, I return to my Paige denim jeans once again. They’re the comfiest and most flattering jeans I own and will see you through multiple A/W seasons ahead.



The pyjamas

I thought about highlighting my silk pyjamas from Lilysilk (featured in the shopping edit below) because I wear them non-stop throughout the autumn/winter season too but it was actually this pair from Amazon that came to mind for those ‘I just want to snuggle up in front of the fire with a good book’ days. Made from bamboo, they’re so soft and warm, they make me look forward to cold evenings indoors.


Looking for a timeless, tweed jacket instead? I rounded up my favourites here…

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  • Sarah
    2nd November 2023 at 6:50 am

    Hi Lydia
    I love the Adanola leggings you wear, please could you share the link to which ones they are as the link in the article is broken.
    Sarah x

    • Lydia
      2nd November 2023 at 9:41 am

      Hi Sarah, sorry about that! The link should be working now 🙂

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