a millen-gordon guide to… the ultimate solo pamper night in

14th February 2023
When it's misty outside and spring still feels like its miles away, there’s nothing I love more than a pamper night in with no plans...
Whether you’re looking to escape the Valentine’s Day hype today or you’re just in desperate need of a night to unwind and switch off, if I didn’t make it clear in this post last fortnight, there’s nothing I love more than a pamper night in. 
Especially when it’s misty and bare outside and spring still feels like it’s a while away…
With that in mind, I’ve decided to round up my pamper night favourites and share my secrets to a stress-free, solo night in…
  1. Prepare your favourite dinner… with bubbles in hand of course!

    It’s easy to talk yourself out of cooking something delicious when it’s just you eating, right? When I know Ali’s out and I’ve got a solo night in though, I love taking the time to really think about what I want for dinner… Then adding those bits to the weekly Ocado shop so that they’re to hand on the night! Personally, I gravitate towards pasta, gnocchi or risotto recipes… with Tyrells salt and vinegar crisps on standby whilst I prep of course! For me, its the ultimate, fuss-free comfort food. Want to make it that bit more special? Pour yourself a glass of something bubbly to enjoy whilst you cook.

  2. Take extra time in the shower (or bath!)

    With dinner prepped (and cooking depending on what I’ve decided to eat), I head to the bathroom and treat the next hour as if I’m off to the spa. Naturally, that involves lighting a relaxing candle to help me unwind (NEOM’s Scent To De-Stress Three Wick Candle is my go-to) and turning the shower up high so that it’s extra steamy! I’ll give myself a good scrub from head to toe using a good quality scrubbing mitt and NEOM’s invigorating ‘Super Shower Power Body Cleanser.’ I’ll shampoo and condition my hair using Hairburst’s ‘Long and Strong’ range, popping on a Kerastase Resistance Therapiste Mask straight after. And finally (!) when I’m out of the shower, I moisturise every nook and cranny on my body with Neom’s ‘Complete Bliss Magnesium Body Butter’ and pop Beauty Pie’s Japan Fusion serum on my face. Not much, I know..! But trust me, it’s a ritual that never fails to please.

  3. Don the cosy loungewear

    I mentioned why cosy loungewear makes nights in all the more comforting in this round up of my favourite loungewear last fortnight. Especially when I can snuggle up in a pair of my favourites knowing that I’ve scrubbed, moisturised and preened in every way possible! With that in mind, I love leaving mine on the radiator to get extra toasty whilst I’m showering so that they’re even snugglier when I put them on. Paired with a freshly tumbled dressing gown and my favourite slippers, it’s a feeling that’s hard to beat!

  4. Lay the table, light the candles, go all out!

    Now that I’m sparkly clean again (!) I pick up where I left off in the kitchen and plate up the goods! Personally, I don’t wait for the excuse of having guests over to make the table look beautiful so I’m team light the candles, dim the lights and sit solo to feast! Admittedly, Porter and Berkeley are usually at my feet too but there’s something so rewarding about sitting down to enjoy a home cooked meal in the comfort of my home, knowing that I have an evening of relaxation ahead.

  5. Commit to one relaxing endeavour pre-bed

    The secret to not wasting the few hours before bed is to really think about where you want to dedicate your time (ruling out any option that sounds remotely like work!) Then putting your phone down so you can fully commit to it. Whether it’s finally watching the movie you’ve heard rave reviews about, tucking in to a novel that will transport your imagination elsewhere or doing some relaxing (non-sweaty) yin yoga in front of the fire, commit to it then revel in all of the goodness it sends your way.

  6. Get an early night

    Whilst I appreciate that there will always be a temptation to stay up late and make the most of your night in, fresh bed sheets, a hot water bottle and Lumi purring on my lap is my happy place! With that in mind, I love my bed too much to delay going to sleep any longer! Ludovico Euinaudi playing softly through the speakers helps me to unwind whilst I get ready for bed. A quick spritz of Sanctuary Spa’s pillow mist before putting my phone away? Chefs kiss! 

I’d love to hear what you’re perfect pamper night in looks like so let me know in the comments below.

Lydia xx

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  • Sara
    14th February 2023 at 11:33 am

    Morning Lydia and team!
    This email came at the best time as hubby is in Italy for business, so I am home alone!
    I have a small bottle of fizz chilling in the fridge, I have a dinner ready to go (currently on healthy eating, so it’s bone broth, fresh veg, soup pasta and parmesan, or as I call it ‘Cheats Minestrone’) and planning to get into loungewear and watch a film, with a White Company candle flickering away.
    Just wanted to say thank you to all of you; since finding Lydia, I have upped my game in how I look, what I do and how I think – I think I fell into a rut and Lydia has inspired me to be my best, but also to be kind to myself. I am now taking Pilates classes, I have lost over half a stone in weight, I make an effort to look good for me both in and out of the house, I make considered purchases for the home, clothes and shoes (investment pieces rather than fast fashion) and have invested in new skincare (Beauty Pie – Japan Fusion OMG!!) and also today I picked up 2 new pairs of glasses (one of which is Aspinall of London). I have re-found my love of being outdoors, gardening and plants (and yes I now wear SPF).
    So, thank you ladies (and Ali and the fur babies) for making me look at my life and make the changes where they were needed – my husband has noticed the changes too,, and I think it is starting to rub off on him (though I made the changes for me primarily) – I know that this email will probably be lost in a sea of other emails thanking you but I hope that you do see this, and know that you are helping people to live their best lives, and to accept the things they can change and to accept the things or people that they can’t.
    Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day, and a great week ahead,
    Sara x

    • Lydia
      17th February 2023 at 11:49 am

      This means so much to me Sara, thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed your night in and have a wonderful weekend! Lydia x

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