a millen-gordon guide to… preparing for a heatwave

14th July 2022
With temperatures set to soar this week, the Millen-Gordon household is well and truly preparing for the heatwave...
With temperatures set to soar this week, the Millen-Gordon household is well and truly preparing for the heatwave.

With that in mind, as I make my way back from Switzerland, I thought I’d share my heatwave survival guide with you all…

In case there’s a few handy recommendations in here somewhere for you!

1. Make SPF your new best friend

Though I’d be the first to admit that early twenties Lydia opted for the lowest form of sun protection, nowadays, only factor 50 will do. For me, nothing comes close to La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50. It’s lightweight, smells divine and is anything but greasy. If like me, you find that certain areas of your body burn more easily than others (hello top lip!), I also swear by the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Targeted Sun Defense Stick SPF50. It’s great for adding an extra layer of protection on all of the bits that catch you out!

2. Baggy is best 

When it comes to dressing in a heatwave, baggy is best. With that in mind, anything sleeveless in a smock style gets my vote. This week, I plan to wear a number of the dresses that I shared in this Amazon dress haul last fortnight. Not only do they tick the flattering and fashionable boxes… but they’re also priced so well that if you happen to get accidental sun cream marks on them, though it might be a tad disappointing, it won’t ruin your day! 

As for footwear, I shared my favourite flats and sandals for summer here. You won’t catch me wearing heels when the weather’s this hot so hopefully this round up helps!

3. Protect your head

When the sun burns down, I’m always keen to protect my face and head from direct sunlight. With that in mind, a timeless straw bota always works well. I found this one from Imogen’s Imagination on Etsy a few weeks back – with multiple ribbon options, you can tailor it to suit your individual style.

When it comes to sunglasses, I always look for glasses with good quality lenses so that my eyes are protected from the sun’s glare. This year, I invested in these beauties from Celine – practically a bargain when I actually work out cost per wear!

4. Stay hydrated

I know, I know, I’m a broken record but if you thought I raved about this water bottle on an average day in spring, you can only imagine how much I love it when we’re in the midst of a heatwave. Because I’m on the go so much at the moment, it encourages me to stay hydrated at all times and importantly, ensures that my water stays ice cold too. The girls in the office also love our giant ice cube spheres. Popped in to a glass with an espresso poured over it, simply top up with cold water (or milk) and you have an iced coffee to hand. 

5. Invest in a good fan (before they all sell out that is!)

Though we’re fortunate enough to have air con in our bedroom (hands down one of the best decisions we made during phase one of the renovation), the rest of the house can get seriously warm. With that in mind, our desk fans come into their own each summer. Though the one we’ve had for years is no longer available, you can find a similar model here. It makes the world of difference when there’s no escape from the heat.

6. Look out for the animals

Though I will always be grateful for extended periods of summer sunshine, I can’t help but worry about fur babies (big and small) at this time of year. At home, we use these cooling mats for Porter and Berkeley, keep curtains drawn and always make sure that all three fur babies have access to water at all times. We also avoid taking the sausages out for walks in the heat of the day and wouldn’t dream of leaving them in the car for any period of time.

If you see any dogs in distress in car parks / beaches etc… please ask the supermarket/life guards to do an urgent call out on the tannoy. Failing that, call the RSPCA, explain the situation and follow their advice.

And finally…


7. Go easy on yourself

There’s a reason why the majority of Europe take siestas after lunch so don’t beat yourself up if you feel sluggish at points!

We’re not designed to power through extreme heat so if you don’t feel like you’re yourself at the moment or are getting frustrated that you don’t have as much energy as normal, trust me, I’m sure that I’ll be feeling the same way! (The chances are the rest of the country will be feeling the same way too!)

Specifically looking for outfits that will keep you cool? Take a look at my favourite linen outfits here or have a peek at the articles linked below.
Lydia xx


PS. My outfit in the main picture can be found here!


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