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1st September 2014 Wellness

Winter Workout Top Tips

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This morning I awoke to nothing but darkness and rain. Not the most motivational scene to wake up to, I can tell you that for free. Dragging myself out of bed seemed so much more difficult than it did a few weeks ago. As I embark on my first Winter as a member of the 6am morning workout club, I thought it was a good idea to get myself both mentally and physically prepared for the task ahead with a few top tips;


1. Snuggle longer

I know it sounds like a no-brainer right? But head to bed earlier because it’s only gonna get harder as the mornings get colder, wetter and darker. So don’t procrastinate in the evenings, get the dinner cooked, breakfast prepped and your gym bag packed ready to curl up in bed with a good book before drifting off. Aim for around 15 minutes earlier each week over the course of the next 4 to 6 weeks.


2. Dress smart

If your partial to an early morning jog or a post work sprint in the great out doors you’re going to want to dress to the conditions. You’re going to need base layers to begin with and the best ones are made of synthetic fabric, like polypropylene or capilene, or even silk. Try to stay away from cotton as this tends to hold on to water. As the temperature drops throughout the season the next step is a middle layer fleece and depending how cold it is, hats and gloves may also be required. And finally as we know England is going to get exceptionally wet over the next few months so we’re going to need some protection from the elements, Nylon and gore-tex windbreakers are the best to go for.

If like me an out door workout is a rarity but just the thought of the could gym is enough to leave you cowering in the changing room like a little baby, a long sleeve but breathable mesh fabric like this Lorna Jane top from Active In Style is perfect for avoiding any such embarrassing moments.


3. Goals & Rewards

Set a goal whether it’s to lose a stone by spring or to have a 6 pack by bikini season – Set it, Stick to it and reward yourself (no not with chocolate) as you edge ever closer to meeting it each month. You’d be surprised by how fast you will run with a new pair of Louboutins on the cards.


4. Don’t get lost in your layers

I am always cold, if its not 30 degrees I’ve got my portable heater on and a hat, scarf and chunky knit in my car, you know, just in case! But it’s easy to lose your body under the endless layers and options of over priced knitwear during the cold months only for it to resurface come June and you’ve somehow become your mother. So try not to pile them on every day, opting for finer, fitted knits and thermal tights  so you are always aware of your the changes in your body.


5. When you just cant…

We all have the mornings when we “just can’t” or we hit the snooze button a few too many times. Don’t beat yourself up over it, that doesn’t burn calories! Opt for something a little less intense, when I have these days I dust off my yoga mat and embrace some muscle toning yoga in the sparebedroom to start my day. Something is always better than nothing.



Lorna Jane Top – c/o ActiveInStyle     Lorna Jane Leggings – c/o ActiveInStyle    Lorna Jane Socks – c/o ActiveInStyle    Headphones – Frends     Trainers – Nike 

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