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22nd October 2019 Interiors



One of the most controversial subjects I have found with regards to home decor has been to “Plant or not to Plant”. Big beautiful leafy green plants have risen in popularity over the years more and more but in my own home, I was never really able to make them work with my style. I opt for a very neutral colour palette with my interiors, along side a little drama which I feel is necessary given my personality ha-ha! So when the pampas grass trend surfaced I knew I had found my style. The softness of the stems and the calming neutral tones resonate with my style perfectly and compliment my aesthetic without drawing attention away from key pieces in our home.

I started with a little pampas grass here and there but I soon  found myself exploring other dried stems to create diversity and even introduce different colours and tones around our home. From dried lavender to Wheat sheafs I’m now one small step away from owning my own dried flower business but until then, I thought putting together a list of my favourite places to shop beautiful dried stems that you can’t kill, last far longer than fresh flowers and work beautifully in any coloured home would be a better place to start.


T h e   U n l i k e l y   c o n t e n d e r

Never did I imagine that Amazon would become a one stop shop for all my home accessory needs but it really has, from decor details to seasonal home dressing, it has it all and the dried flower stem range is extensive. Some take a little longer to arrive which for someone who wants what they ordered today to arrive yesterday, it can be a little frustrating but they are actually great quality and such a great price point. If you can, buying from Amazon avoids the hefty premium that stores can pop on top, you can shop my Amazon Infuencer store front list which has all the dried stems I love.


T h e   O n e   S t o p   S h o p

If you already love your dried foliage then you have probably already heard of Little Deer but if you haven’t its a beautiful online store with a selection of perfectly curated interiors pieces as well as an extensive Pampas grass range as well as other stems which can be ordered online and are shipped in protective cardboard tubes to ensure they arrive in pristine condition.

my personal favourite is the Cortaderia Pampas Grass because of its super fluffy, oatmeal shade which looks perfect against jute rugs. Shop the entire Little Deer collection here


T h e   B e s p o k e   O r d e r

If you watch my Youtube channel you would have seen me unbox my Autumn wreath from No.5 Blooms which was a store I found via instagram which does the most beautiful real and dried bespoke arrangements and designs. together we worked together in order to create my dream dried flower door wreathes complete with lavender from my front garden and pheasant feathers to tie in the beautiful animals that roam freely where I live. The result was perfection, so much so that we are now discussing more bespoke arrangements for around my home. Shop No.5 Blooms online here and follow their instagram account for all the inspo.

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