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8th January 2014 Wellness

What’s in my Gym Bag?


1. Primark Towel

This ones pretty self explanatory! However there’s two kinds of sweating, the slight glisten that the lucky ones achieve and then there’s the Lydia or otherwise known as “I look like I just stepped out of the shower!”. I chose it in black because I don’t always get to do away with the little bit of slap I use during the week and there’s nothing worse than a mucky looking towel. 
I find a towel also doubles as a good cushion for your neck when doing squats and under your bum during HIIT Cycling for example.
2. S.W.E.A.T. cushioned gloves
Men see calluses as a sign of hard work in the gym, Lydia however does not. Nor does she want them. Therefore I wear these gloves even if I’m not planning any heavy lifting as part of the day’s training, as you never know what you might fancy trying when your there. I picked these up for a bargain at Milton Keynes market and they’re still going strong (kind of) almost a year later.
3. Nike Pro Sports Bra
By far the most comfortable of all the sports bra’s I’ve tried over the past year and they last forever, I’ve got a wide selection of colours now but I need them all, no seriously I really do.
4. Lifting Straps
I think my gym buddy and I actually found these abandoned in the weight lifting section but for someone with as pathetic wrists as I have these make increasing the weight of my dead-lifts and bent over rows much less scary, but be warned there is an art to securing these when your on your own and it can end up adding some time to your sets.
5. iPhone & ear pods
Forgetting my ear pods used to be the down fall of my day as I seriously cannot bare the grunting from some people, but due to having a workout buddy & PT I don’t tend to use them that much unless I plan some endurance cardio (which really isn’t often/ever) but I’m getting back into a bit of HIIT so I will be doing a post on my workout/post workout playlists very soon.
6. Post workout Protein shake.
I keep a tub of PhD Woman Support & Recovery at work so that I never forget my post work out shake. As I’ve said before I have an hour’s commute when I finish up and it’s good to have a little suttin’ suttin’ within half an hour of training and when it tastes as naughty as this, you really miss it when it’s not there.
I received a lovely “Good-life” package from Holland & Barrett with a number of treats inside. I started using this body wash post-workout this week as even though I am completely spot free thanks to the roaccutane (seriously, not even a clogged poor), they do advise you to use spot fighting skincare and as great as hibi scrub is, the smell ain’t all that! This leaving my skin feeling super clean with a subtle hint of tea tree before bed.
It seems a little strange to rave about a water bottle so much but this is the Rolls Royce of water bottles, stunning design and perfectly functional/no chin dribble. But I would advise against filling it with Orange juice and leaving it uncleaned in your boot for two weeks over Christmas as cleaning the straw is a bitch!
9. Nike Premium Roshe Run Reflective Pack
One of my favourite Nike designs of 2013 fusing my love of Monochrome and Leopard print so perfectly that anyone would think they stole my dreams. They are extremely lightweight with a soft cushioned sole which is great but a tad too much of an incline when working the tush.
I’m very shocked by just how much wear I have got from this jacket, it packs away so easily into the little pouch fixed to the lining and still looks great when you pull it out. I also have received endless compliments when wearing it!

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