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13th October 2023
"That’s the thing about evergreens, you see: not only have they found a way to function and thrive year-round, generally speaking they have thicker leaves too . . . So are more resilient to any storm that comes their way."


To say that I’m on cloud nine after Wednesday night’s book launch is somewhat of an understatement.

If you’d have seen me in the green room before I was introduced on Wednesday night, I was clinging on to my emotional support cards ( / prompt cards!) like they were going out of fashion and – together with my team – sweating profusely! As soon as I got a glimpse of the audience and saw so many smiling faces from my amazing community staring back at me though, I can’t begin to explain how overwhelmed I was (in the very best way) and what an INCREDIBLE evening I had with you all. I could not have asked for a more special way to celebrate the publication of my debut book and I am so, SO grateful for all of you who came out in the rain to support me. THANK YOU.

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I’ve been reflecting a lot over the past few weeks and I don’t think I could have written this book at any other time. As I said to those of you who joined me on Wednesday night and in last night’s video, Evergreen is the culmination of a lifetimes worth of lessons and, in particular, the past three years worth of work in which I sat with those lessons, studied them, unpicked them… and put the lessons that I learnt throughout that process into practice. 

Be it in regards to relationships, self-worth, money, friendships, others’ opinions of me, failure, loss and my definition of success (not to mention the lessons that I’ve learnt from nature which weave their way throughout the book) I’ve shared what I’ve learnt in Evergreen in the hope that some of those lessons might help you one day too.

It’s a book that I hope will be there to support you throughout the seasons – the seasons throughout the year and the seasons throughout your life, that is.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you enjoy it.

Lydia x

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