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24th June 2013 Wellness

We’ll run for our lives.

Nike Free Run kicks – C/O Urban Outfitters
Photography – Kim Jobson

So my blog has had a little design change, I’m not particularly savvy with this sort of thing so if any one wants to help me re design my blog (properly) I’d really appreciate it haha!
I decided to give the blog a little overhaul to fit in with the new direction I’m adding to it, if any of you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you would have noticed that these platforms for me have taken on more of a fitness focus since I fell head over Nike’s in love with the gym. The response I’ve received  has been overwhelming with my Instagram followers growing from 5,000 to 40,000 in a matter of weeks and a large number of people requesting me to post meals, workouts and other general fitness related topics.
I toyed with the idea of starting an entirely new blog all together to begin with but I felt that 2 blogs along side full time employment was a little too much for me to handle but more so I have always stressed that this is MY little space on the big wide web and I’d like to look back at this one day and see all the transitions, moments and growth from my life…So I’ve taken the plunge.
I appreciate that there will be some people that do not find this interesting however I would like to stress that I will continue to outfit post along side this be it my normal day to day outfits or Fit-fashion outfits.
Anyway You’re feedback on this is important to me so I look forward to hearing your views on this.

For my first fitness focused post I wanted to introduce you to my new “wheels” for the gym, a stunning pair of Nike Free Run +2’s all Thanks to the lovely folk at Urban Outfitters UK. I started off working out in a pair of Nike Air Max 90’s and only realised how much pain they caused me in my knees and ankles when I actually invested in a pair of proper running shoes (and yes you’ve guessed it I now want every pair of Nike running shoes ever made).
These kicks are super light weight and extremely flexible yet still provide support to the ankles along side a super cushioned sole to absorb the contact impact from running. Oh and the best bit? they pretty much come in every colour you could ever imagine.
I can only liken the feeling to that of running on a cloud…a really pretty ombre soled cloud.

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