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30th November 2015 Lifestyle

VECTOR – Why this smart watch will improve your efficiency & so much more.


They say you can tell a lot about a person from their  time piece but I’m not sure if whoever said that were aware of the Vector Smart Watch. This smart watch fills the gap between the classic time piece, fitness tracker, schedule and more. When I attended the star studded launch event all those months ago, I didn’t quite know how this watch would revolutionise my daily life as a health enthusiast, as a blogger and as a business woman.

T H E  W A T C H  &  T H E  A P P

The watch itself requires a smart phone to download the app and then sync directly with the device. The app comes with a number of different watch faces to suit your style from minimalist classic analog to digital faces which count your steps, tell you the weather forecast and ensure you never miss a meeting. From the app you can change these faces or download new streams such as breaking World News bulletins appearing on your wrist in real time or the very latest from the stock market so you always know what movements your money is making. Updates, new releases and technological innovations are synced directly to your watch to ensure you are always running the fastest, most efficient system to maximise your own productivity.

In short though, I am all kinds of obsessed with this watch!

T H E  C A L E N D A R

The Vector smart watch syncs with the calendar on your iPhone or smart phone which I have synced through my iMac, Macbook air, iPhone and iPad, meaning I am always fully aware of my business and personal diary. This stream is always displayed on the face of my Vector which is something you have full control over. The face updates throughout the day as your meeting reminders appear and expire meaning you are always on time with just the flick of a wrist. As truly obsessive as I am about planning, sometimes I do forget to check my plan and if it wasn’t for the reminders on my Vector I would have missed meetings, collaborations and post deadlines. This function works seamlessly.

T H E  P U S H  N O T I F I C A T I O N S

If like me you like to be in the know regarding all of your social media platforms then your notification centre will be intricately executed to ensure you never (or rarely) miss a comment, tweet or snap. Well the Vector Smart Watch takes this visibility to the next level providing you with the ability to sync your notification centre to you wrist. The watch offers a gentle vibrate as initial notification and then sensors within the mechanics track the movement of your wrist to as you move it up to a comfortable viewing position prompting the watch to display the most recent notification. This is probably my most used function that the watch has to offer it means no more rummaging in handbags, pockets and anywhere else for your phone every time it vibrates giving you the ability to be constantly aware of what is entering your inbox, being tweeted to you or even who calls you, which might I add can be answered the Smart Watch also.

My suggestion is to only keep the notifications which are truly important I currently have my e-mail notifications synced so that I needn’t check my phone every 5 seconds to see whats coming in. I then have a custom selection of Tweets, Instagram comments, Facebook notifications and Bloglovin updates notifications to ensure I’m always in the loop with my finger directly on the plus.

This function also saves huge amounts of iPhone battery life (as you won’t be opening your phone every 5 minutes., which now, with the introduction of Snapchat and it’s battery draining abilities, really is extremely important.

T H E  F I T N E S S  T R A C K E R

I have a number of rather obvious passions, two of which are Health and Fashion. Unfortunately sometimes they don’t always sit quite as harmonious as I would like and the typical fitness tracker is definitely a factor in this. The brightly coloured rubber straps stick out like sore thumbs and the flashing lights shout “fitness tech” making them impossible to style up with anything other than lycra. The Vector Smart watch also tracks your sleep, your steps, your calories burned and also your distance travelled each day, although the information is not stored yet in order to tracking over weeks/months/years it is still extremely useful in keeping up to date with progress as well as assessing the times where you need to do a little extra activity in order to hit your daily  targets.

Overall I can’t imagine not owning a Vector watch now that it’s in my life. It’s the perfect companion for every day life as well as the day to day of business too. The sleek design merges with every day outfits and demands attention wherever I go whilst keeping me constantly up to date with all of my social channels, not to mention it looks killer next to my Chanel le boy and prices start from £219!

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