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10th June 2015 Lifestyle


As bloggers we seem to be getting amazing opportunities  to travel the world more and more. I’m so astounded and proud whenever I see a blogger jetting off somewhere exciting, a. because I know a sound review will follow and b. beautiful and envious images are soon to follow on instagram and snapchat as well!

In England I find the biggest struggle with photography being the light, the weather is so changeable and once you are in the depths of Winter it’s not hard to forget what the Sun’s brightness looks like. So whenever I hear I’m heading on a trip somewhere I’m always the one to pack the most, I want to shoot non stop whilst I’m there so I take endless outfits to make the most of the gorgeous light but with being in a different destination every week for the past 4 weeks (with a more to come) I need my entire kit to be practical, efficient and easy to transport.


The Camera

You’ve all heard me go on about the Olympus E-PL7 for months now after I used some Christmas money and my own piggie bank to buy it back in January. It has truely revolutionised the way that I blog and Instagram, The Pancake Kit lense is what I use to shoot the content for my instagram, for me it’s much more crisp and yet doesn’t stand out as “too DSLR” on Instagram with depth of field etc etc, at the end of the day instagram is supposed to be snapshots of your life in real time, not a heavily edited magazine editorial. I also use the kit lens for my travel posts (see example here) as it captures the detail on buildings and the most beautiful light from whichever destination I find myself perfectly.


The Lense

For shooting outfits whilst travelling I simply swap the lens over to the 45mm drop it down to f/1.8 and it does it all for me. I’m currently enjoying shooting in direct sunlight (which you may have noticed) which creates an almost dream like effect to pictures. It’s so much fun to experiment with different backdrops, lights and equipment so that you find your own perfect style of photography.


The Sport Camera

This really is my new favourite toy, the Olympus Tough Impact & Waterproof camera. I took this for it’s first spin at The Champagne Spray party in Ibiza with Lipsy and then really put it to the test with a trip to Centre Parks Woburn Forrest. Now I want to have some serious fun with it so my next trip I’m hoping to shoot an underwater blog post eek! It’s a great little camera which benefits from an insanely good lens with f/2.0, WIFI and amazing picture quality for such a durable and lightweight camera. An absolute must have for health & fitness bloggers everywhere.


The Battery life

For Christmas, Ali bought me a portable battery for my iPhone 6plus. Anyone on Snapchat will know how it absolutely kills your battery when the app is left running in the background (seriously they need to sort that out) so I was constantly finding myself running out of battery when attending a full day of meetings around London. Now that I can sometimes find myself travelling for an entire day to reach my desired destination, and then having to head straight out for some sort of event or function I needed so much more than just one charge, it almost seems a joke haha! So when Leanne told me about her portable battery that charges her phone 4 whole times, I quickly added it to my Travel Tech Kit.


The Laptop

6 months ago I’d never even touched an Mac computer and now our home is littered with them. I genuinely can’t ever imagine editing on anything else so I treated myself to a weeny little 11″ MacBook Air to come away with me. It’s super convenient for blogging on the go as it fits into most of my handbags yet the size doesn’t compromise on quality either. It’s also fairly light-weight too which is good news for my little twiglet arms.


The Old Skool note pad

If any of the PR’s I’ve worked with ever happen to read my blog they will be very aware of the things I like to call Brain Farts. It’s where I have this overflow of ideas that I have to either write or type before I forget them, sometimes they happen mid e-mail but more often they happen at the most unexpected of times so I find myself fumbling in my handbag for somewhere to write it. This one was bought for me by my best friend so it’s super special and houses some of my proudest brain farts, she’ll be over the moon to know that.

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