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5th March 2020 Lifestyle


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If there’s one habit I’ve got into more and more over the last year, to really impact my life and mindset, its consuming more books. But not just any books, its all the books I’ve never been able to get past the first chapter of, which doesn’t sound all that interesting or exciting now that I’ve typed that but trust me on this one.

Give me a killer storyline any day of the week and I can easily power through a book in a day but its more so the educational or self developmental style books that I’ve always struggled with, but oh-so-desperately wanted to devour.

A few years ago I discovered Audible and loved the idea of being able to work my way through books whilst driving, doing my make up, cleaning the house, doing the ironing giving all those mundane tasks a new lease of life, sometimes I find myself looking for reasons to clean the house just to be able to listen to a few more chapters. But more than anything, its such a treat to get a few chapters in before the sun is up as I get myself ready for the day but even more powerful when those books help you learn new life skills, better organise your days and generally help shift your focus and improve your mind set so I wanted to compile a list of my top life altering books in the hope that some of you enjoy them too, but more so I’m hoping you will all share your favourites too in the comments below because whilst there really are some incredible self development books available, there are also some god awful ones and a solid recommendation goes a long long way so please do let me know your faves and what you loved about them below!



Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly is my current morning listening and I’m already utterly obsessed with everything she does from Ted Talks to her instagram to now her books. She speaks so kindly and eloquently around the importance of vulnerability but I never realised how important and how vast that is a a subject. I wasn’t sure her work was really going to speak to me initially but once I realised how vast and all encompassing the subject of vulnerability. I’m sad that more of Brene’s endearing humour isn’t within the book as much as it is her talks online but still I’m taking such value and having some real “Ah-hah” moments when it comes to my life.



The Sweet Spot

My far my most life altering book of all time and part of me wants to listen to it every Sunday just so I’m ready and equipped for the week a head. The book is the most jam packed guide to life, motivation, home truths, advice and more. It was a very kindly delivered but rather shocking slap in the face with regards to my expectations of myself and how not being so hard on my self abut absolutely everything, leads to me achieving far more  than I imagined. Even as I write this, I feel I forgotten so much of the amazingness within the book that I want to listen to it again and this time take notes of all the important parts so that I don’t forget them. An absolute must listen.



You Do You

Sarah Knight was my first step into self development reading and Ive already worked my way through three of her books to date with many more on my “To Read” list. You Do You was recommended to me by a reader when I was going through a phase of struggling to be myself online when there were so many opinions about who I am thrust at me every day. It was a frank but hilarious reminder of what matters, who matters and the importance of remembering who you are.



The life changing magic of not giving a f**k

The book that started it all and the first time I ever finished a self development book in my life. Sarah’s book really does give a whole different approach and meaning to self help literature, she’s funny, unapologetic and over whelming likeable despite touching on a number of areas I’d always given way too many “f**ks” to even begin to navigate. I can’t wait for more books from her!



Upon writing this i discovered that reviewing books is a lot harder than I first thought and I take my hat off to this who do so on a regular basis. This list is really just a selection of books I’ve listened too and loved, and whilst I may not be able to put into word quite as eloquently as the authors do, all of the above are packed full of positive life lessons, advise and motivation to get you through the morning make up application, the ironing or even your gym work out and for me thats such a great way to educate and better yourself during those day to day essential tasks.


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