6 timeless tweed jackets on the british highstreet right now…

23th August 2023
In no particular order...

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It’s that time of year when the peak of summer is over but it feels slightly too soon to be talking about and dressing for Autumn (even though we all know it’s on its way!) One minute it’s bright with blue skies out there. The next, it’s breezy and you find yourself wishing you’d bought a jacket! Which is why I’m dedicating this blog post to the trusty and ever in need tweed jacket – the sturdy staple that you can always rely on at this time of year.

Better yet, I’ve honed in on timeless tweed jackets that can be found on the British highstreet right now.

From H&M to Hobbs, M&S to Mango, these are my current favourites…

The navy tweed

Elegant colour? Check! Elegant silhouette? Check! Under £70? Check! This navy tweed jacket from M&S is the best all rounder if you’re looking for a staple piece on a budget. It’s incredibly versatile and like this navy blazer that I shone the spotlight on this time last year (and love just as much today but it’s now out of stock) it will work year-on-year going forward.


The cream tweed

If you’re not quite ready to lean into the autumnal colour palette and are on the hunt for a jacket that still feels summery instead, this ivory jacket from Phase Eight works beautifully. Also available in Navy and Green, it will elevate any outfit of choice.


The black tweed

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a tweed black jacket and this one from M&S is such good value. Fully lined, it’s an easy one to throw over your shoulders and keep the late summer breeze at bay. It will look just as stylish worn in winter too.


The patterned tweed

You’ll have to be quick with this one because there’s only XS left as I type this now. At under £50 though, it’s my favourite option if you’re looking for a jacket that combines classic colours with a classic print.


The bright tweed

Bold and bright can be timeless too so long as it’s a colour that you naturally gravitate towards and love. With that in mind, if you’re looking to inject some colour into your outfit of choice, this lime tweed jacket from Mango is a stunning alternative to the Holland Cooper jacket that I’ve been wearing religiously in recent weeks. It also happens to be on sale now…



The camel tweed

If I had to pick one jacket from this line up, right now, I’d probably opt for this camel version from Hobbs because it’s a colour that I rely on throughout the year and straddles all seasons – not just summer/ autumn – with ease. Perfect dressed up or down, it will look just as good paired with jeans and flats as it would paired with a beautiful evening dress and heels.


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  • Wholesale Clothing
    24th August 2023 at 8:45 am

    Nice and lovely outfits ideas i have seen ever. I really love it. Awesome

    • Lydia
      24th August 2023 at 1:24 pm

      Thank you so much x

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