my not so sunny summer wardrobe staples…

19th July 2023
For the rainy days when 'summer in Britain' lives up to its not-so-sunny reputation...

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Every Summer, here in Britain, we’re faced with the same reality:

Summer arrives and we’re lured into dreams of endless sunshine, dresses and ice cream.

Soon enough however, rain clouds appear without fail and we’re forced to reconsider whether our hastiness to send anything remotely practical in our wardrobe to the attic, was a wise choice after all!

With that in mind, given that the weather hasn’t exactly been glorious July sunshine over the past few weeks (!) I’ve rounded up some of my favourite wardrobe staples below, that I reach for throughout summer when the weather doesn’t want to play ball. 

Combining functionality with seasonality, they’ll ensure that you still look and feel summery whilst keeping you dry and/or warm!

The cardigan

We’ve all been there. You arrive somewhere and it’s bright and balmy and within the hour, the weather turns and you’re covered in goosebumps! Enter my trusty cream cardigan from Ralph Lauren! Perfect for keeping the evening breeze at bay, it looks just as good draped over shoulders as it does on.


The shirt

Suitably named the Amalfi shirt, this long sleeved, silk shirt from Lilysilk transports me to the coast in my mind, no matter what the weather’s saying outside! 


The jumper

You can never go wrong with nautical stripes at this time of year. For that reason, a navy and white striped jumper is always on standby in my wardrobe when I look out the window in summer and see grey clouds staring back at me. Another great one for transporting you to the coast in your mind, it’s Coastal Grandmother chic at its finest! 


The jeans

When it’s too chilly to bare my legs, white jeans are a great way to keep warm whilst still feeling summery. They also happen to go with pretty much everything on this list! Prefer a slightly looser fit? If I’m not wearing these, I’m in these mom jeans from Beaufort & Blake. Paired with the nautical shirt or jumper listed above, it’s a timeless look that always comes to the rescue.



The trousers

When the weather dictates that white linen trousers aren’t a wise idea, navy linen trousers enter like a knight in shining armour and rescue us from any fears about puddle stains or rain-induced transparency! Practical, affordable and effortlessly chic, what’s not to love?  


The blazer

When you’re looking for something slightly more formal than a cardigan but still want to feel summery, I find that a navy jacket ticks the box. My Karen Millen one is no longer available but I love this alternative from Mango.


The boots

Whatever the weather, I wear these boots year round! Paired with shorts or short dresses in summer, they’ll allow you to roam through soggy fields  and parks freely whilst still looking the part!


The sunglasses

Finally, when in doubt, add sunglasses! It could be blowing a hoolie or hailing outside but if you’ve got sunglasses on, it’s summer in Britain! My Celine sunglasses have been firm favourites since I bought them last year. My advice? Invest in one good quality, timeless pair that you can wear year-on-year instead of four or five designs that you’re not wholly on board with.


So there you have it! Summer wardrobe staples for a not-so sunny summer.

Off somewhere with guaranteed sunshine? Take a look at my white dress edit here.

You can also find my floral dress edit here.


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