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19th August 2014 Interiors

The New Age of Relaxation

NY1 NY2 NY3The way my home smells is really important to me and I don’t think I’m alone in that. I want people to walk into my home and be transported by the scents that greet them. But come bed time, the only place I want to be transported is to “The Land of Nod”.

Since receiving this Zenbow Diffuser from the wonderful Neal’s Yard Remedies team, along with a selection of their best Aromatherapy oils, it hasn’t had much rest. During the day it fills my office (and pretty much the entire upstairs) with the feminine and Floral “Rose Absolute” essential oil  and come the evening I switch over to a handful of drops from my favourite, Lavender to begin the process I now have to follow in order to get a good nights sleep. Research has shown the scent of lavender to profoundly ease both anxiety and insomnia and also to promote “slow-wave sleep” which is the deepest slumber of them all. Simply diffusing in your bedroom for a few minutes before bed can have you sleeping more soundly through the night.

The diffuser is so simple to use and switching between the oils couldn’t be simpler, just wait until the water runs out (or pour it out), re-fill it again to the line, drop in around 5 droplets of your favourite oil (or add more for a stronger scent) and switch on. Instantly the spout releases a small jet of condensation allowing the oils to diffuse as far as possible within the air. And the mood lighting is absolutely perfect for use during your evening meditation sessions (see blog post HERE)!

But all these benefits aside, I have saved an absolute fortune on the posh scented candles that I was forking out for on a weekly basis, considering just ONE of those candles costs the same as the diffuser itself. More money for the shoe fund, win!



ZenBow Aroma Diffuser – c/o Neal’s Yard Remedies






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