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19th May 2021
The campaign surrounding the New Lily of the Valley Collection was shot inside Artistic Director of Dior Maison Cordelia De Castellane's, own greenhouse situated in the grounds of her beautiful home, firmly placing greenhouses on the map for every fashion lover this Spring/Summer season.

For all of you who are new to the world of Lydia Millen, let me tell you- I am an extremely passionate person. When I find something I love, I dive wholeheartedly and unabashedly into it, as many of my subscribers will know from past posts. So you can imagine it was a particularly good day for me when I discovered that two of my passions had collided with the launch of the Lily of the Valley Collection from Dior Maison.

As someone who has meticulously followed fashion and fashion designers for years, I will always be blown away by the imagination and glamour that I see from season to season. In fact, I originally launched my blog ten years ago with a strong focus on fashion because it was (and still is) so important to me. The silhouettes, the fabrics, the “je ne sais quoi” … it was a transformative world that I was totally there for.

Now –  to contrast the Lydia you all knew ten years ago, I am now enamored with all that blooms around me. I have developed a green thumb that never ceases to stop planting, cultivating and strategising my next move in nature. My home is scattered with blooms, and I maintain a strong ethos in my life for bringing the outdoors indoors as much as possible. From tablescapes to dressing rooms, no counter is safe when it comes to bringing in florals.

Enter Dior Maison’s Lily of the Valley collection! Designed by Cordelia de Castellane, Dior Maison’s homeware collection is dedicated to the Lily of the Valley – a flower that Christian Dior himself was immensely passionate about. He grew up in a garden that was adorned by them in Granville, and because it held such a particularly soft place in his heart, he thought of the Lily of the Valley as one of his good luck charms. And I mean – just look at it. Have you ever seen a collection combine the elegance of fashion and the majesty of nature in one collection?

The campaign surrounding the New Lily of the Valley Collection was shot inside Artistic Director of Dior Maison Cordelia De Castellane’s, own greenhouse situated in the grounds of her beautiful home, firmly placing greenhouses on the map for every fashion lover this Spring/Summer season. But you don’t have to blow the budget if it is something you have been toying with, there are some wonderful options now to enjoy the beauty of the glass and iron structures from gardens to courtyards to windowsills.

1. I really enjoy the Cook & Butler external greenhouse for smaller spaces, or for those of you who have less outdoor space – how utterly adorable is this little guy?

2. Sometimes we as people over complicate things and the beauty of gardening really is making something wonderful out of what you have so there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from digging directly into the ground to create flower beds or vegetable patches and using a decorative iron cloche to help things along.

3. But if a greenhouse is what you have your heart set on you can pick up beautiful Victorian iron structures from places such as Greenhouse People for under £2000 which will bring you so much joy and it costs less than a Dior handbag!

Any questions or suggestions about how to bring more nature into your homes? I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below

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  • karyn taylor
    28th August 2021 at 12:12 am

    Would you Lydia and Ari go back to the school and show us a video on making something, anything,
    ?? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    in the fully functioning kitchen and cookery school situated in Tithe Bar. I would love to see the video of start to finish,
    it sounds like an exceptional unique experience, I’d love to see your next trip and the aprons on, such a great video you did
    on your ocean trip, I loved the conversations in the car and the in and out joke, funny, I love your web site, very very beautiful
    Lydia. Thank you for all you do, I see you put alot of work into our site and visits. Always thanks for sharing, loved the grounds of the hotel
    and the inside rooms, fun to see. best to you all, kt sacramento/californiav?? ? ?? ? ? ? ?I really loved the video you just posted on the ocean trip good job in gratitude always ? ? ? ?

  • Homer
    27th May 2021 at 12:44 am

    A heater in a greenhouse? Looks so stupid!

  • Adele
    24th May 2021 at 3:26 pm

    I adore the new Dior Lily of the Valley collection & also the openwork china. I’m soon to move into my Mediterranean villa in the south of France & would love to have a greenhouse. I’ve found your passion for gardening so inspiring.
    Warmest wishes, Adele x

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