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29th June 2014 Lifestyle

Swimwear Fashion Week – Gran Canaria 2014




Last week I was whisked off to Gran Canaria to attend Swimwear Fashion Week with Now I know what you are thinking “What the hell is Swimwear Fashion week?” Don’t worry you weren’t alone. 
I was picked up by my driver for the morning, Mike from AddisonLee. It was a great start to the day, and as Mike and I chatted all the way to Heathrow it slowly dawned on me that I was about to under take my first trip for….no pressure Lydia.
As I resisted many-a-handbag in the duty free and boarded my connecting flight to Madrid my heart was pounding the entire way. From Madrid I flew straight in to Gran Canaria and rushed through to the baggage reclaim…If you follow me on Twitter you will know already that the worst thing that could happen to a fashion blogger when abroad happened to me, the delightful team at British Airways decided not to put my bag on the flight. I had nothing but the clothes I stood in.
After a huge panic, some heated discussion with the most unsympathetic lady from Iberia and a handful of tears, my driver in Gran Canaria took me straight to the Globally team and most importantly, Pelayo…my knight in skinny jeans who took me straight to the shopping centre to grab essentials and just generally work wonders in making me feel better.
All of this drama meant I missed the International Talent Shows which included the insane collections from Oye Swimwear and WeAreHandSome. There was no hiding my disappointment. 
I was greeted at the Lopesan Conde Villa hotel by a the darling of the fashion blogging community, Audrey from, one of the few bloggers I have followed religiously since I started my own blog. We quickly got acquainted (besides our endless whatsapp convo’s) and were inseparable for the remainder of the trip. You know when you meet someone and you just click.
We had quite a bit of free time between the shows which went on from 6pm to 10pm so we hit the pool on the first day and then got up bright and early on the second day to shoot with the sunrise at the sand dunes, it was phenomenal and I am itching to get the posts up as Audrey is the front runner when it comes to the photography on her own blog.
The shows were full of brands that were new to me, after missing the first day of shows, the majority were Spanish. But some of the collections were stunning and as the evenings progressed, so did the hustle and bustle.

I totally fell in love with the Collection by Gran Canaria native brand, Arcadio Dominguez which was full of pink hues and flirty french inspired ruffles. A perfectly feminine collection kicking off the second and final day of shows which ended with a grand fiesta from Lenita & XTG which took inspiration from the Victoria’s Secret catwalk complete with its own Hispanic tone. What a way to end the shows.

I’m now absolutely exhausted but the fun’s not over yet so don’t go anywhere!



From the top:

1. Packed and ready for the trip       2. My driver had WIFI in his car, blogger dreams answered right there!        3.  Obligatory “Look at me being all jetsetter” mid-flight picture.      4. The pins and the pool       5. My Frassy x Flossy’s ready to be shot by Frassy herself!       6.  The Sea.       7. The Pool. (I don’t really need to tell you this stuff do I)      8.  Fresh fruit from the buffet.       9. The beautiful Sand Dunes where Audrey and I shot tomorrows outfit post.      10.  Taking a Blogger break on day 2 of Moda Calida 2014      11. Audrey and I taking a selfie.      12. The models from the Gonzalez Underwear show handing out heart shaped lollies to the press.      13 & 14. My two favourite looks from the Arcadio Dominguez show.       15. The nights essentials.       16. The closing fiesta with all the models from Lenita & XTG      17. Feeling like a total bad ass in my ride to the airport.       18.  Please see image 3.




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