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13th March 2014 Wellness

Swim Good with Speedo UK

All Equipment – c/o Speedo UK
I work and workout in an area where you have the choice of either a £200 per month gym membership or a £10 per month gym membership. There really is no happy medium which coincides with my commute. Needless to say as appealing as The Grove’s extensive gym, spa and pool facilities are, That would considerably eat into/demolish my shoe budget. So I opted for the cheap and cheerful option but my burning desire for pool lengths and sauna sessions very much lives on. 
I find being in the water extremely calming and almost therapeutic, and with the opportunity to burn 240kcal during 30 minutes of front crawl, you can see why many opt for swimming over the soul destroying treadmill. So when Speedo UK contacted me wanting to raise awareness of the benefits of swimming I took my impeding spa break to put some of their gadgets to the test and not exactly being a gifted water baby, they were extremely welcomed aids.
I pushed my new Speedo goggles down over my eyes and strapped on the Fitness Fins and Finger Paddles, I’m not going to sugar coat it I felt a tad out of my depth (pardon the pun) all this professional gear for someone who thinks swimming a length is moving from one side of the hot tub to the other. Luckily I’d done a bit of swatting up via the Speedo website here on how to use my new tackle.
As mentioned, I’m not the strongest of swimmers but have always enjoyed the feeling of moving through the water and my new aids made the process a lot more smooth sailing so much so that I’ve decided to start making an effort to hit the pool at my boyfriends oh-so-luxe gym at least once at the weekends in order to incorporate that to my current cardio regime (until I win the lottery and can afford the gyms in my area, that is).
But if your not as much of an “All the gear and no idea” kind of person as I am, Speedo also have a great selection of videos to help you improve your technique and maximize your workout which can be found here, as well as a great app to track your progress and set new goals available from the iTunes store here so you can hit the water with confidence.

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