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1st June 2015 Wellness

Starting your Wellness Journey

ONLY2_hONLY2_c ONLY2_e ONLY2_f ONLY2_d ONLY2_b ONLY2_aI often talk about my journey when it comes to health and fitness. But you only really understand how far you have travelled until you stop and look back. What started out as a quest to love my body and essentially just look good, evolved into a desire to live a wonderful life.

I spent a year lifting weights, doing HIIT and drinking protein shakes and then life decided to show me there was so much more to health than that. I began focusing more on what was going into my body, not just the fuel but the thoughts too. Were they positive? Negative? I wanted to live well so I had to not only change my body and food, but my mind too.

I’m by no means a master of Wellness but I try my best, so here are some tips for living really well.


Surround yourself with good people

At school being popular was top priority but as you grow up you come to realise that quality really does come before quantity. Surround and immerse yourself with the people who lift you up when you may need your head held above water, even if just for a second. Like minded people whose energy and vibes can feel almost electric. I have made some wonderful friends in blogging but I think it’s important to have friends away from work to ensure you’re always full of positivity.


Get Support

Sometimes we all need some guidance, whether it’s your partner, bestfriend, Coach, yoga instructor or whoever, a fresh pair of eyes are a valuable tool.

Regular readers will have heard of my Coach for over a year, Paul whose not just a coach at all. He’s a friend, butt kicker, nutritionist and all round calming presence. Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of.


Meditation & Yoga

I’ve mentioned numerous times how yoga changed my life. I can’t tell you how many times my dad tried to tell me that I needed to gain control of my breathing, but I didn’t listen. Then at one of my yoga classes at The White Space Studio, I remember laying down with my back on the Yoga mat and the instructor telling us to simply breath, deeply and continuously. I was full of stress, my heart rate through the roof. Half way through my mind was wondering and I was almost bored, but by the end I found myself yawning. Something I hadn’t done for months. My heart rate had slowed and my breathing calm. Once I had realised the power of this, I began exploring more deeply mediation which enabled me to team the control of my breath with the control of my thoughts.


Positive minds

The saying goes “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.”

I try my very hardest to live my life with this in mind keeping positive thoughts at the forefront at all times. It’s not easy, sometimes situations and even people can bring out negativity in you that you never thought possible. But it’s important to recognise what/who they are and make a choice as to whether you stay around that.



Always live your life with the cup full to bursting.


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