spring cleaning essentials – the cleaning brands you need to know about

9th March 2023
When I think about Spring and all it entails, my mind wonders to when I’ll tackle my annual spring clean...
If it wasn’t already obvious, as soon as I see snowdrops I start to swoon over spring!
And naturally, when I think about spring and all it entails, my mind wonders to when I’ll tackle my annual spring clean.
For me, that will take place in the coming days. I’ll organise, I’ll declutter and I’ll clean up what’s left!

With that in mind, I thought now would be a good time to share my spring cleaning essentials. Though I’ll be the first to say that we’re helped by our amazing cleaners each week (shout out to Lana and Anna!), the products below are used around the house on a near-daily basis and make every day cleaning and sprucing that bit more enjoyable… 

Which speaks volumes coming from me!

Without further ado, these are the cleaning brands that we’ve grown to love in the house in recent months…

Attirecare Cleaning Spray

This spray makes cleaning so much more enjoyable because unlike so many cleaning products out there, it smells homely and natural – a far cry from your bog standard bleach! Every time I use it, it makes me happy. The sign of a dream cleaning product if you ask me.


Attirecare Upholstery Spray

With three fur babies in the house who love to climb over furniture, my sofas get their fair share of action! When we have guests over therefore, I’m always on the hunt for a beautifully scented spray to spritz some life back into the cushions. This upholstery spray from Attirecare came to the rescue. Not only does it smell heavenly (I genuinely want to curl up and relax as soon as its sprayed), like the cleaning spray above, it makes house work an utter joy too!  


Daylesford Lavender Fabric Conditioner

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Daylesford anymore, they went and created a cleaning range that lives up to the brand’s high standards. Though we’re happy with good old Comfort on a day-to-day basis in the Millen-Gordon household, I use Daylesford’s lavender fabric conditioner on all of our nightwear and dressing gowns. As expected, they come out of the machine smelling like a perfect night’s sleep. Their rosemary washing up liquid smells heavenly too.


byMATTER Fabric Freshener

This product was designed for those days where you’re short on time, you need to leave the house and you realise your favourite outfit needs a wash. Why so? Because it’s the ultimate laundry hack if you ask me! Don’t ask me how but it’s been designed to refresh any fabric to such an extent that a few spritzes can delay a full laundry wash. It happens to smell like perfection too!


Kinfill Yoga Mat Cleaner

If I’m being honest, I find the name of Kinfill’s yoga mat cleaner  misleading because it’s great for all sports equipment if you ask me. This one lives in our gym 24/7 and is on standby post-workout to make sure that our equipment is germ free. From a purely aesthetics point of view, Kinfill’s glass bottles are a thing of beauty too. We have a healthy supply of refills in the kitchen drawers so that we’re never short on spray.



Though I’ll be the first to say that this bottle isn’t quite as pretty as the above (!) if you’re looking for an air freshener that rids of bugs and leaves the room smelling like the finest spring day, this one from Pureessential is for you.  


Looking for more practical tips?
Take a look at my ‘Millen-Gordon Guide To… Spring Cleaning’ that I shared this time last year… I stand by these points today so I hope you find it useful!

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