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25th November 2015 Lifestyle

Small Changes that will help you live a more positive life.

Monte3 Monte1 Monte5 Monte2 Monte4I’m not perfect by any means of the word but I try my hardest to be a good human, to live a good life and to spread as much positivity wherever I go. I’m overly enthusiastic about everything and I love with all my heart but being positive has not and does not come easy to me. The grass was always greener and I was simply never satisfied with the life that I was given. I had to lose it all to realise what a beautiful existence existing was and from there I changed my outlook to love every minute of my life, even when it feels like it doesn’t love me quite as much back.

The most common e-mails to fall into my inbox are usually that of needing advice;

“How do you always seem so positive?”

“How do I learn to love my life?”

“Help me live more positively!”

I have this amazing platform where I get to speak to you all so I try to make these posts as informative and helpful as possible. I read your e-mails, I collect your comments, direct messages and Snaps like presents. With them you gift me with the knowledge and inspiration of what to write here and what issues to address. I am constantly listening to you.

It’s not like you wake up one day and you see the world through new eyes, it takes time but small changes lead to big changes so we all have to start somewhere.

The Little Things

Sometimes we are so busy chasing the big things in life, that we forget to stop, take a step back and appreciate the little things in life. This can be something as simple as watching your pet play unaware that you are watching, seeing the first frost collecting in the corner of your window or the smell of the first coffee brewing on a Monday morning. When I stop and appreciate these little luxuries I simply can’t hold back the happiness and it over flows across my face. These tiny moments, sensations and experiences for so many aren’t possible, so absorb every last drop of life’s little luxuries.


Be good to yourself

Treat yourself with care and respect, you deserve it trust me! I never feel more positive, more alive and more together than when I am looking after myself. Drinking lots of water, eating food that will energise and nourish my body and keeping on top of life are all things you owe yourself to do on a daily basis and the satisfaction you feel in return is truly incredible.


Smile More!

Smiling is infectious there’s no denying it so if you do more of it, soon you will be doing more than you ever imaged and so will all the people who surround you. Much like smiling, positivity breeds positivity so you can expect to see a whole lot more of that too just by smiling more.

I’ve gone from someone who point blank refused to smile in photos to the one with the biggest cheesiest grin slapped across their face at all times and I absolutely love it, I see it spreading too to other people which is absolutely wonderful.


Create a positive environment

As well as surrounding yourself with good people rather than a lot of people, the environment in which you live and work every day is just as important. When my home or office or even car is a mess I feel that resonate with me and I feel my stress levels rise. It’s not easy to always keep on top of these things and right now my office is no where near as clutter free as I would like it but I know it wont stay like this for long because it will effect my efficiency and hinder my productivity until I feel the negativity set in. Create a space that makes you feel calm and collected.


Embrace and learn

Bad times happen, tough times exist and we all go through them at some point in our lives. Without them there would be no differentiating the good from the bad but getting through them is the hard part, reminding yourself of how incredible life was before and how incredible life will be again (and in fact still is, it is simply a difficult time) is really important as well remembering these times, the emotions felt and how you best dealt with them.



When I first started meditation, I’d make a big song and dance about it with mats and candles and calming music. Now a days I can be mid meditation and no one would even know as I sip my coffee at our little breakfast bar in the morning. Meditation is good for your overall well being as well as improving your positivity and mindfulness and even as little as a couple of minutes meditation can improve your whole outlook for the day so I suggest giving it a go.


What tips do you have for living a more positive life? I’m always listening, remember!


Images by Jay McLaughlin for Olympus PEN Generation.

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