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27th July 2015 Wellness

Raw Banoffee Pie Recipe

A few months back now, I visited the beautiful Island of Osea with Next where I took part in preparing Lunch for everyone with Spook, a talented bespoke cooking company. Mine and Sarah’s job was to take care of pudding, I mean it was a tough job but somebody had to do it.

But the pudding was so good that ever since I returned it has been in my mind ever since. I never knew healthy could taste so good, like seriously, when it tastes this good you really do wonder why anyone would choose an unhealthy option. So I frantically sent an e-mail to the Next team to get my hand on the recipe from the wonderful ladies at Spook and knock a dish of their Raw Banoffee pie up for myself. It was such a success that I simply had to share this with you.



You Will Need

70g  Pecans

20g  Desiccated  Coconut

100g  Fresh  Medjool  Dates

1  tbsp.  Almond  Butter

1  tbsp.  Coconut  Oil


75g  Raw  Cashew  Nuts  (soaked  in  water  for  4  hours)

1  Ripe  Banana  40ml  Coconut  Milk

1  tbsp.  of  Coconut  Oil

3  Medjool  Dates


100g  Medjool  Dates

4  tbsp.  Almond  Butter

2  tbsp.  Honey

1  tsp.  of  Vanilla  Bean  Powder

1  pinch  of  salt

2  tbsp.  of  Coconut  Milk


What To Do

To  make  the  crust,  place  ingredients  from  section  1  into  the  mini  food  processor,  blend  together  then  divide  into  three  glasses.

Next  make  the  filling  –  Place  ingredients  from  section  2  into  the  mini  food  processor,  blend  until  creamy  then  divide  into  three  and

spread  onto  of  the  crust.

Finally  make  the  caramel  –  Place  ingredients  from  section  3  into  the  mini  food  processor,  blend  until  smooth,  then  divide  into  three and  drizzle  the  caramel  on  top  of  the  filling  to  create  a  stack.

Place  them  into  the  freezer  for  20  minutes  then  into  the  fridge  until  you  need  to  serve.




If you plan on knocking up your own Raw Banoffee Pie please do let me know your thoughts below, I’m honestly dribbling just thinking about it.



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