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31st October 2014 Beauty

Post Workout Pampering

Come pamper with me1Come pamper with me2

So you’ve survived the working week and probably your fair share of grueling workouts with DOMs to match, it’s safe to say your pooped (I know I am)! So I thought it would be a good time to share my favourite way of pampering myself after a hard week, because we all deserve some down time in today’s crazy world.

I start by a full body exfoliation and when I say full body I mean it. I use the “Spin for perfect skin” brush from Vanity Planet which was sent to me a while a go now. I’d always wanted one of those fancy brushes but the ones I saw reviews for were rather pricey so I was over the moon when Vanity Planet sent me this one. I use the big circular brush all over my body. I dry brush with it towards my lymph nodes to help detoxify the body and ward off any signs of celulight, plus I always find it leaves my skin softer for longer when I do it dry. I then change the brush over to the smaller brush to do my face and if I need to give my feet the once over after running in heels and trainers all week, there’s even an attachment for them too.

If you want to give the Spin For Perfect Skin Brush a go you can grab it here for $30 with my code LYDIA4SKIN (this is not an affiliate code and I do not make a percentage for the sales I produce)

And if I don’t have time or don’t need to dry brush that week, I’ll use the luxurious Gold Body Scrub from Ashley Cahill’s Gold Spa Collection. Yes it is an expensive one but reading the ingredients you can kind of understand why with extract of Caviar which is rich in vitamines A,B and D, known for slowing down the aging process, hallelujah! But also this is a pamper day and I don’t use this products every day, they are meant for those special occasions when you feel like you, your body and your skin deserve something a little bit luxurious.

Come pamper with me3My favourite bit is lowing myself into a hot bath surrounded by the scent of this Origins bath & body oil. This is one of the most gorgeous lavender fragrances that I’ve come across with a hint of vanilla thrown in the mix, not only does my skin soak up all the oils goodness but I can lay in that bath for hours breathing in the relaxing scent without a care in the world. Sometimes I’ll rub a little onto my pulse points to intensify the smell too.

I was quite impressed with the price of the Origins range when I popped to my local counter for a bit of a splurge but this was definitely one of my favourite purchases.

Come pamper with me4Once I’ve emerged from my relaxing soak I immediately pat myself dry and apply the moisturiser to match from the Calm Your Senses range at origins. My skin really soaks up the water so I like to lock it in with a good moisturiser and this also means I’ll still be smelling that gorgeous lavender & vanilla scent through my pyjamas all night!

Come Pamper with me5Come Pamper with me6My favourite mask to use is on my face after all the scrubbing and soaking is the Origins Drink Up mask as you can leave it on over night and awake to the most gorgeous and hydrated skin ever. This mask contains Japanese seaweed which prevents premature aging as well as completely hydrating your skin, which if I’m honest is all I can really ask for seeing as right now is the youngest I will ever be again….how depressing.

If I’m having one of those pesky hormonal breakouts though I tend to go for the Origins Clear Improvement mask as its well known for its pore clearing abilities.

Facial Oil ED

 After the clear improvement mask I’ll put on my usual Rehydrating Rose Neals Yard facial oil and slather on a layer of EnvyDerm Intense lip renewal. And after the Drink Up mask I’ll apply this in the morning.

I started using facial oils back when I was on roaccutane (read post here) and haven’t really ever looked back, my skin tends to react better to them than normal moisturisers and this one is my favourite so far, plus is smells gorgeous! 

I received this Lip Renewal Therapy a while back and I absolutely love it, I tend to neglect my lips quite a bit with now I’m trying to incorporate them into my weekly pampering by soaking a hot flannel an buffing them for a few minutes then applying a generous layer to leave on whilst I sleep. When I wake up my lips feel so soft and smooth it’s definitely worth introducing to your skin care collection.

CPWM1And finally slip on a pair of your favourite pyjamas fresh from the ironing pile and pour yourself a mug of your favourite tea. mine currently is a new release from SMT called “ZenTea” which is a nice alternative to my usual chamomile.

So there you have it, an in-depth post into my Friday evening rituals. So if anyone needs me, I’ll be in the bath!

Pyjamas – H&M

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