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4th February 2014 Wellness

PhD Woman February Promotions

I get lots of people wanting to know if PhD Woman are doing any promotions so I’ve made it a priority to stay up to date and push for them where I can. I think for the quality of their products, their prices are quite reasonable however we all enjoy a bargain, there’s kicks and sports bra’s to be purchased after all.
Get to the money saving point Lydia, I know I know! OK, from now until 23.59 on 14th February you can grab yourself 25% off with the code LYDIA25 and from now until 31st March you get a free hoodie (like the blanc beauty above) and a PhD Woman Shaker when you spend over £20 with MY2014 just make sure you add the items to your basket before checkout.
Please note that these offers cannot be used together so pick wisely gym bunnies.
I also want to make it clear that I make no financial gain from your purchases nor do I wish to, the code has my name on because I asked for it to be set up, I am merely committed to working along side a supplement company that I feel will benefit you girls in the same way it benefits me. 
P.s. if you are planning on purchasing one of their Meal Replacements, you simply must choose the Vanilla Creme flavour. Ever had Madagascan Vanilla custard? Yeah THAT! World = Rocked.

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