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1st June 2022 Life Ad Affiliate

Opening chapter six – Hello June

Bunting sways. Flags flutter. 70 years of service? Your Majesty, thank you. Neighbours marvel as red arrows soar overhead. Tomatoes blush. Spinach sprouts. This kitchen garden thing works… who knew?! Strawberries and cream. Tennis whites. Game, set, match - let’s go! Alfresco dinners and lunches. Breakfasts, too? Go on then! Country lanes bulge with cow parsley and wild flowers alike. Bright blue skies. Aeroplane trails - an intricate map of journeys been and gone. Golden rays. Summer solstice. Don’t forget to look up. BBQs blaze. Mowers roar. Buttercups burst from below. Spring retreats. Curtains up. At long last, Summer’s here. 
As the Queen celebrates her 70th year on the throne this month, I can’t help but feel a deep sense of admiration for Britain’s matriarch and a profound sense of gratitude that she is our Queen.

Having very much built my career in the era of #girlboss, where the likes of Beyonce and Sara Blakely and Oprah get praised on the daily (and so they should!), the Queen somewhat graciously falls under the radar… when in reality, in my opinion, she’s one of the finest leaders of all.

Not to mention one of, if not, the best dressed leader too!

From her resilience and relentless work ethic that she’s demonstrated over the years (I mean, the woman’s in her nineties and is still showing up for us all to this day!) to the fact that she maintains dignity and grace in the face of ongoing criticism and scrutiny… Say what you want about the institution, perhaps, but the Queen herself? 

A living legend, if you ask me.

With that in mind, this month I very much plan to celebrate her Majesty’s service and raise a glass of bubbles in her Royal honour, at every opportunity I get! With a forecast of (mostly) glorious sunshine ahead, think long evenings spent in the garden with Ali and the fur babies ft. Golden hour and a glass of chilled Moet in hand.

In other news, the opening of chapter six presents an opportunity to check in with ourselves, as we officially reach the half way point in the year. 

Six months in. 

Six months to go. 

How are you feeling? 

If it’s anything other than, ‘on the right track thank you Lydia’, let’s agree to rejig a few things for the second half, shall we? 

What does chapter six look like for you? Let me know in the comments below!
Lydia xx

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