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1th May 2023
If it wasn’t already obvious from my beautiful new website, I feel like something has shifted inside of me recently...
Day one. A bank holiday? May, I like you already. From the ponds to the trees, new signs of life all around. Hedgerows thicken. Forests fill. The woodland canopy bulges once more. In the greenhouse, shoots emerge from seeds sown in soil long ago. Bright blue skies. Vivid lawns. A blissful breeze delights. Village fêtes. Country fairs. Crowds potter amongst stalls. Windows open. Mowers rumble from gardens afar. Sunglasses on. Linen shirts. Sandal season is back. Bees wake up. Back to work. Pollen scatters far and wide. Garden gatherings. Patio days give way to patio nights. Sunshine beams. Summer tempts. Not long to go now, hold on. Ground your feet. Take a breath. Rejoice in all that is Spring. 

Though I’m yet to touch down on home soil this month (unless you count a quick turnaround between flights which lasted under 24 hours) I can’t help but notice that the Spring sunshine we’ve all been hoping for is slowly but surely starting to make an appearance at home.

Porter, Berkeley and Lumi are taking advantage of the opportunity to spend as much time in the garden soaking up the Spring rays (their auntie has been sending me regular updates because I miss them so much!) and the garden, with clear blue skies above, is finally dazzling us with colour. After weeks of playing hard to get, it’s like Spring realised it only had four weeks left to play with so decided to get its act together and well and truly shine! 

(Here’s hoping it behaves itself for the Coronation of the King this weekend!)

In other news, if it wasn’t already obvious from my beautiful new website (a huge thank you to the whole team at Chloe Digital!) I feel like something has shifted inside of me recently.

Things are slotting into place. Hard work is paying off. And I’m ready to own that feeling for a while instead of rushing on to the next thing.

Because oh my goodness has it taken a lot of hours spent fighting self-doubt and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to get here.  

That being said, I think it’s worth noting that we’re what? Two months into Spring and its only now that I’m really feeling the full effects of this season’s energy! Leading up to this month,  I knew that May would be full on in the very best way so instead of rushing to cram my diary with commitments (as I normally feel inclined to do as soon as British Summer Time arrives) I consciously took a step back, dragged out Winter’s excuse to hibernate for as long as possible (unless you count venturing out to the greenhouse and The Cotswolds on numerous occasions!) so that I was well rested and raring to go this month! 

I say this because I think it’s easy to look at people online when they’re busy and question how they’ve got the energy to keep going! In my experience, you’re either exhausted and running yourself to the ground (which leads to burn out unless there’s a drastic intervention at some point.) Or it follows a period of down time in which you’ve taken some time out to rest, go inwards and fill up the cup! With that in mind, with all of the Bank Holidays that May offers (which let’s face it, come hand-in-hand with pressure to cram as much fun in as possible!) I hope that you listen to what your body and mind need over the coming weeks and use them wisely. It could be that you’re craving big energy, big crowds and a big dose of fun – in which case, go forth and embrace it – It’s yours for the taking! But if you’re secretly longing for a bit of downtime and R&R, I highly recommend planning a whole lot of nothing! 

(And by nothing I mean not much else aside from being in nature as much as possible and soaking up some of the goodness it sends our way!)

Either way, I hope the month is a magical one for you. 

And now that this blog is back up and running, I look forward to getting back into the swing of sharing more thoughts and seasonal inspiration on here over the coming weeks…

As always, I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to this month. Let me know in the comments below!

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