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27th June 2015 Lifestyle

#NextBloggerIsland – Osea Island

What seems like far too long ago for my liking, myself and a much larger than normal group of bloggers embarked on a trip. But we didn’t head to the airport like usual. Instead we met at Liverpool Street station, took another train and then a taxi ride across a rather frightening road which disappears with the tide, to an island off the coast of Essex called Osea.

The lovely girls from Next had invited us all months ago and to be perfectly honest, I’d been worrying about it ever since. I wasn’t going with the group of bloggers I normally tend to travel with and as someone who usual feels totally out of place amongst large groups of girls, I was worried I’d be spending those 2 days feeling exactly that.

Scattered across the island were the most beautiful weathered cottages that seemed to be keeping watch over the sea. We were staying in The Captains house and as I opened the patio doors and walked across the grass to the steps leading down to the water, I sat down and fell utterly in love with that little island. I got completely lost in my thoughts and the sound of the waves that I totally lost track of time so when I finally pulled myself from my trance and returned to the house, everyone was assembling in the kitchen.

We spent the early afternoon preparing our own lunch with the talented ladies from Spook cooking and baking the most healthy and delicious lunch. Myself and Sarah had the job of preparing the Raw Banoffee Pie, it’s safe to say we’d hit the jackpot. When we finally sat down to enjoy the fruits of our labour was when the magic truly happened. Conversation flowed from that point until we left the following afternoon, from life stories to pet peeves. My worries were completely forgotten and replaced with a feeling of unity. It’s no news to regular readers that the feeling of competition is unwelcome here and my message has always been to support and uplift each other because we are all running our own unique race in Blogging and to be surrounded by so many profoundly successful and likeminded women was one of the most inspiring moments I’ve found myself.

But aside from praising the talented ladies with whom I spent those 2 days, a huge thank you has to be said to the exceptional ladies from Next Gemma & Ellie, who somehow understood as if they lived our lives, just how much we all needed to escape the madness of our careers and snuggle under blankets with warm mugs of peppermint tea talking until the early hours of the morning.

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