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18th July 2013 Wellness


I often get asked about my diet so when I was given the opportunity of reviewing a protein powder for my readers, I jumped at the chance!
I’d always just used the USN option that my boyfriend used so it was a nice opportunity to trial something different. I once had an awful experience with a “cookies & cream” flavoured option from Holland & Barrett (it still haunts me) so I was a little worried by the amount of tasty flavours on offer and whether they wouldn’t live up to their dribble-worthy-ness. 
I needn’t have worried as this Chocolate Caramel flavour is to die for (I also received a cheeky Chocolate Coconut flavour and I can confirm that to is delish with the perfect milkshake consistency)
Now, “Why do I drink protein shakes?” I hear you type eagerly into the comment box,
First things first lets dispel the rumours, you’re not going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s long lost twin sister from introducing protein supplements into your diet. Us women just don’t have the genetics, it takes a hell of a lot of testosterone (and obviously hard work) to build muscles like that and the women that you do see with Gun’s of steel have usually tried and worked extremely hard to look that way.
In fact it has been proven that a higher in take of protein tends to result in weight LOSS, how much is dependent on the workout regime in place a long side this diet.
Now I chose to introduce Protein supplements to my diet as sometimes it can be tricky to get the intake I need for my training.
I also consume 5-6 small meals a day so I’m always always ALWAYS looking for tasty alternatives to shake it up a bit (pardon the pun).
This weeks diet is as follows:
8am – 4 egg whites on one slice of wholemeal bread & a Pint of water with a whole Lemon squeezed in it.
11am – One scoop of MyProtein Powder and a Sachet of Oats with water mixed in my shaker.
2pm – Chicken breast  low cal Wrap and 15-20 plain cashews
4pm – Low cal tuna, sweet corn and mayo wrap
6pm – Hit The Gym
7.30pm – MyProtein shake as I leave the gym.
8.30pm – Small portion of either meat/fish with assorted veg and a portion of fruit salad with low fat greek Yogurt and a Pint of water with a whole lemon squeezed in it.
2-4ltrs of water a day.
This is tried and tested on my behalf and if you want to see the results yourself head on over to my Instagram and check out my progress pictures.

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