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6th November 2015 Wellness

My Top 5 “Wisdoms” I’ve learnt on my Fitness Journey

1b 1a It’s only when you look back to the day you first set foot in the gym when you actually realise how much you’ve learnt simply through being passionate about something. Whenever the subject crops up in conversation I find myself able to talk non stop about the various “wisdoms” I have uncovered a long the way and you’d be surprised by how obvious some of the really are, but there are so many myths, rumours and uneducated opinions in the world of fitness sometimes you just have to work things out for yourself.

No. 1

You Cannot Spot Reduce

I hate the inside’s of my thighs and I will not be told otherwise (seriously you can ask my PT) I’ve never liked the pocket of excess fat which seems to store there but I have learnt to deal with it since learning that you really cannot lose weight from selected areas.

“How can I lose weight on my thighs without losing it from my boobs?”

is rather a common one and the truth is, if you are losing weight you cannot pick and choose where it’s coming from so if you are looking to lose weight and you are doing so, just embrace it.

No. 2

It’s OK to take time off!

There’s nothing quite like a few thousand people watching you to make you feel pressure to hit the gym, so a few months ago I decided to give myself a break and loosen the reigns a little. I love being healthy, it fills me with satisfaction but sometimes I can’t/don’t want to/don’t feel like going to the gym and it took a long time for me to realise that feeling like that was perfectly acceptable. This for me is fun, self indulgent and rewarding and I intend for it to always stay that way.

No. 3

Preparation is Key

Whether it’s meals, time tables or simply just prepping your gym bag the night before, preparation makes it a million times easier to stick to diets and workout schedules but not only that it saves a considerable amount of time. If I rise at 7 am, hit the gym for 8 am, shower at 9am, curl up on my office chair for 10 am, reply to emails until midday then head down to London for a variety of meetings I cannot express the sheer thankfulness washes over when I return home and simply have to head up a delicious meal I prepared earlier. It’s quicker than peanut butter on toast which means that little mishap happens far less.

No. 4

Gym buddies are magical

I have been lucky enough to have some of the most wonderful and motivating partners when it comes to working out. They made the endless hours spend in the gym far more enjoyable and exciting whilst providing the most incredible amount of support and motivation a long the way. As usual you only realise how good you had it when it’s gone and since I bought a house, moved away and had to join a new gym I have lost them and I am desperate for a replacement. So if you are lucky enough to have a gym buddy, hang onto them!

No. 5

Pay attention to your body

The biggest thing that keeps me going back to the gym, even on times when I feel to tired, is the one we all experience but only some acknowledge and thats how you feel after a really good work out. I feel proud and I feel driven but more than anything I feel happy, the endorphins kick in like clock work and I hold on to that feeling for the entire evening. It keeps me going time after time just to feel that way again and it’s almost like a little reward for doing something just for you. Here have some Happy hormones!


What are your top “wisdoms” you’ve learnt on your journey?

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