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8th July 2021
If you are someone who works in a fast-paced industry, or someone who suffers from anxiety, this playlist has a magical quality of calming me down.

Summer is in the air (well.. in the UK, you’re never quite sure what you are going to get but on paper, SUMMER IS IN THE AIR!), and what better way to celebrate than having a crisp bottle of Sancerre, cooking a homemade meal, and sitting out on the terrace as the light changes from day to night.

Is there anything more transportive than music? I know that I immediately have a mood change when I put on a playlist – I want to get up and dance, or I sink deeper into my chair, or I want to put on a beret and pretend I’m in Paris.

The perfect addition to any summer setup you have going on is the addition of a good playlist, and I’m always on the hunt for new tunes that will transport me to another world (especially while we can’t travel as freely). Here are some of my faves of the season for the many moods we might be experiencing :


If you are someone who works in a fast-paced industry, or someone who suffers from anxiety, this playlist has a magical quality of calming me down.

Ludovico Einaudi – The Chill Playlist

Ludovico Einaudi is the Mozart of our generation – he is an incredible Italian composer and pianist. His beautiful classical compositions are the perfect backdrop when you are unwinding from a long day, or while you are focusing on some much needed self-care. I think it is so important to have a chill playlist like this on stand-by – I sometimes even listen to it as I drift off to sleep.

If you are someone who works in a fast-paced industry, or someone who suffers from anxiety, this playlist has a magical quality of calming me down. I have yet to find someone who hasn’t liked the music of this genius, I highly recommend.

Check out the link here to listen

Café de Paris – The Dinner Party Playlist

This is such a great playlist to have for dinner parties and I’ll tell you why. Your guest-list will probably be comprised of many tastes, even ages, or nationalities. In my experience, to please the masses, there is nothing like a classic Café de Paris playlist to set the tone of an evening in with friends.

It’s upbeat, light-hearted, and sometimes even silly because it’s so quintessentially French. The perfect background music as it is mainly instrumental with accordions (oui oui!). Sometimes when a playlist has too much singing or songs with poweful lyrics, I find myself unable to concentrate on my guests. This sets the tone of the evening nicely without being the main performance.

Check out the link here to listen

Motown Classics – The Dancing Playlist

Looking for a get up and dance vibe? Look no further than the mastery of Motown which again pleases all generations, nationalities, and most tastes in music. I love these timeless songs at weddings or events, they are like comfort blankets and it’s the perfect opportunity to bond with your guests as you dance and sing together.

I feel like every Motown song means something different to everyone – from dancing with your dad when you were young, to a moment at your wedding, Motown is almost always a crowd pleaser… and so widely liked, that even your neighbours won’t mind when they hear it blasting.

Check out the link here to listen

What are your favourite playlists this summer? I’m always desperate to find more so please link them below so we can all share with each other.

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