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8th October 2015 Lifestyle

My Music Playlist

FM41 Cable knit sweaters, My love for them is profound. The snugglier and cosier the better and this one from Franklin & Marshall really is no different. I throw it on over jeans when I’m doing my usual duties at home or whether I’m heading to the green landscapes by my home to sit and absorb the beautiful surroundings of Willen Lake. At these times I like to go alone with only my headphones to keep me company. I have always grown up around exceptional music tastes from my Grandpa, right through my dad to my brother. Their musical influence played such an integral part in my own diverse tastes. Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Dashboard Confessional, The Weeknd, there was no genre I wouldn’t sample. But over the years I have found myself going in search more and more of emerging artists. I like to feel like I have discovered something special which for a short time might feel like my little secret, until they emerge from their soundcloud playlist onto our screens and radio’s everywhere.

And then the search begins again.

Music allows me to feel emotions that I am unable to feel. Growing up I didn’t cry often and I silenced the voice of my emotions whichever way I could. Music taught me ways to feel these things without allowing them to consume me so every so often I head to a quiet little spot as the sun sets and get lost in the words of my current secret musician.

To listen to my playlist head over to the Franklin & Marshall Playlist here!


This Post is in collaboration with Franklin & Marshall but all opinions are my own.

Jumper – Franklin & Marshall     Jeans – Freddys     Boots – EMU     Scarf – Hobbs

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