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13th August 2021
You can party and reconnect with yourself, but there is an elegant and luxurious angle to Ibiza that I thought I would share with you. These locations I am sharing with you are the reason I try to go to Ibiza as often as I can.

Ah the many faces of Ibiza – I think that Ibiza is one of those places means something different to everyone you speak to. A varying visual pops into their heads when you mention it, if that makes sense. I think that we can identify three kinds of Ibiza tourists :

The Party People

You have the people who go there to absolutely party their hardest – planes buzzing with young men and women chanting songs as the pilot tries to navigate toward the runway, the best DJs in the world attending their stages with the audience absolutely worshiping their every move, and queues for taxis spiralling down the streets at the end of the night (and dread ensuing as you know you’re in for the longest wait of your life).

The Spiritual Awakening Seekers

Then you have your spiritual gurus who come to a different side of the island for ultimate tranquility, rebalancing, and a connection to nature that perhaps they are missing from where they live. You can attend yoga classes every hour, do sound healing, and just about any therapy you can imagine.

The Elegant Side

I suppose I fall into a different category when I go to Ibiza (although don’t get me wrong, I definitely like to have a good time and relax when I’m there too!). There is a side to Ibiza that I experienced when I went two weeks ago that I think a lot of your didn’t know about – or at least that’s what many of you mentioned to me in your comments. You can indeed party and reconnect with yourself, but there is an elegant and luxurious angle to Ibiza that I thought I would share with you. These locations I am sharing with you are the reason I try to go to Ibiza as often as I can.

Top Chic Destinations in Ibiza

You can indeed party and reconnect with yourself, but there is an elegant and luxurious angle to Ibiza that I thought I would share with you.


AtzarroThis is where we stayed when we went and it was the perfect combination of nature meets luxury.

Six Senses : What a divine hotel, spa and restaurant that thrives off of sustainability and a connection to the earth – everything that they serve is locally grown and harvested. Sign me up!

Casa Maca : A true Ibiza experience when you get to this oasis – everything is paired back and lovely, no extra bells and whistles. Just calm and beautiful curation in the design.

Hacienda Na XamenaSome of the most outstanding views in Ibiza, and named one of the most romantic hotels to visit. Such a perfect spot for a couple to stay.

DestinoIf you are looking for a bit more glam, Destino is the place to stay. You are greeted by the most opulent entrance and airy hallway when you walk in but caution if you are not into the party scene, this place becomes quite the hotspot at night.


LioIf you saw my Youtube video, you’ll remember the amazing acts that I featured. Normally there is dancing however with Covid they aren’t taking too many risks. Highly recommend, such a fun experience and great food.

BambuddahThe most exquisite asian cuisine from Thai to Vietnamese to Japanese. I love that they serve lighter dishes, especially in the Ibiza heat.

AmanteSo this restaurant is perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean… even if the food wasn’t good (which it is, can’t say enough wonderful things about the menu), it would be worth it for the setting alone.

Chiringito Blue : You know sometimes when you’re on holiday and you don’t need all of the decadence every day… this is the spot to visit. Just simple Spanish food cooked beautifully on or off the beach. Beautiful.

Beach Clubs

Blue MarlinThe perfect day to night beach club, which feels a little more personal than one of the larger outdoor clubs in the city. It also tends to attract an older clientele if you wanted to stay away from the younger generations.

Amante : Same as above if you missed it!

ExperimentalPowder blue and white seating arrangements make for the perfect evening setting! Love this outdoor/indoor space.

Aiyanna : The sister restaurant to Amante- laid-back, luxe and at one with its natural surroundings, Aiyanna is the new beach restaurant in town and totally worth a visit.

Hidden Beaches

Cala Den SerraI am someone who loves discovering small hidden gems wherever I go – and this is one of those special places that I think you’ll love visiting. Slightly off the beaten track, it’s worth the trip – trust me!

Bon Voyage!

I was so lucky to be traveling with my husband and friends on this trip, and if you missed my Youtube video, there are some incredible visuals which will really help back-up anything that I have written here. I can’t wait to hear about your travels coming up, whether they are in in Ibiza, or in the UK, or somewhere else abroad. Please share any tips that you have with me here! Oh and let me know if there is another destination you’d like me to write about – I always find it so useful when I have recommendations from a friend so I hope this was practical. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  • Isabelle
    21st August 2021 at 9:38 pm

    Hi Lydia!

    Loving your content and Ibiza photos. I am thinking of going to Ibiza for part of my honeymoon – I was wondering what is the best way of getting around the island? Is it difficult to drive around (I am from Canada)?

  • isobel
    21st August 2021 at 11:34 am

    Looks like you had such a lovely trip away, made me want to go back to Ibiza!

    Isobel x

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