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5th November 2014 Lifestyle

My First YouTube Video

random factsSo she finally caved to the pressure and did a YouTube video, I’m kidding! I’ve been so excited to get started since I collaborated with AX Paris so I’m over the moon to finally be uploading my first proper, profesh (ish) YouTube Video.

I decided to kick off with a “Facts About Me” video to give you guys the opportunity to get to know me a bit better as I know that over the past 3 years I’ve been somewhat of a closed book on my blog which I am always trying to change and push my own limits. In this video you will find out why I don’t squat, why I don’t cut my hair and how much I can deadlift to list a few and I’m planning lots more videos for the future covering everything from fashion, where it all started through health & fitness and all the way over to beauty (yes that includes the eagerly awaited hair-care routine), lifestyle and travel. I really hope you enjoy it and let me know if there are any specific videos you would like to see in the comments below the video.

Bare with me whilst I get to grips with all the new technology and software for editing, I have a new found respect for YouTubers because it isn’t easy!

Enjoy x

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