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6th August 2021
I had no experience, no training, no guidance... just a love for nature and a passion for beautiful outdoor spaces. I so longed for a space like the ones I saw in the Chelsea Flower show, or in House & Garden magazine, but couldn't quite figure out how to do it.

What Does Happiness Mean to You?

Happiness is something I’ve been working on – it’s been a personal uphill battle that I’ve had to navigate every day over the past years. I’ve had some amazing help (if you haven’t seen my Life Coach Youtube, please check this out as she is so inspirational) and I’m lucky to say that I’ve found out some things about myself that really shocked me. They say that every seven years, your physical body changes completely… and when I say completely, that means every cell has been replaced by a new one! That’s where a lot of these psychological theories about “the seven year itch” come from, because psychologically we change so much in that timeframe. So essentially, are we even the same person that we were seven years ago? Technically not! Isn’t that so wild to think about? No wonder we get bored, or restless, or just frankly “over” all of the things we used to love doing, right? I mean – do you feel completely different to who you were seven years ago? I definitely do. I think that sitting down and trying to discover the new things that make you happy is crucial, and recently I’ve discovered a new passion that I think I’ll keep for years to come… or at least the next seven.

Discovering My Green Thumb

When I started my journey with horticulture, I was so green *pardon the dad pun* to it all. I had no experience, no training, no guidance… just a love for nature and a passion for beautiful outdoor spaces. I so longed for a space like the ones I saw in the Chelsea Flower show, or in House & Garden magazine, but couldn’t quite figure out how to do it. And bringing in outside help to get the job done for me felt like I was passing up an incredible opportunity to learn about this exciting new world. Since the start of 2018, I have been working on creating the perfect outdoor space… because you know what, it just makes me so darn happy to be out there. And don’t get me started on the accessories that I found while curating my garden. There is a whole new (outdoor) room to decorate that I didn’t even know existed. As someone who loves to entertain, garden accessories are some of my favourite. And what a gift to realise this! Without further ado, I’d love to share with you my favourite garden and outdoor dining accessories.

My Favourite Garden Accessories

Here are some of the easy accessories to pick up that you can find in any home shop or grocery store which help to curate a gorgeous outdoor space. I’ve also linked below some pieces from my personal collection for you to shop that I absolutely adore.

Potted Herbs

Even your local grocery store should have herbs that are potted, and you can repot in quite easily into something more your style (unless you’re partial to the plastic tray it comes in… you do you!)

Outdoor Cushions

This is a great way to show off your personality – I find that accessories like this really make an impact to any garden furniture that you have.

Outdoor Candles

I always opt for a non-scented candle, or a citronella candle, as this keeps the bugs away toward the end of the night. Nothing looks more magical than candles in the evening in my books.

Olive Trees

Another great way to add to any outdoor space – they are neutral in terms of decor, and they elevate the chic level like no other plant I have come across. And for those of you who worry about killing your plants, this one is pretty low maintenance. Highly recommend!

Garden Cloche

The ultimate protector for seedlings, plants and vegetables – and it’s easy on the eye, so that’s a plus!

Garden Square Planter

What better way to organise your garden than with everything in just the right place! And organised! As someone who regularly needs to be checking her diary every day, I appreciate these planters for the sense of organisation it gives my garden.

Garden Trug

This is an easy way for you to be adding a little style to your garden, but also functionality. When you’re walking around your green spaces, your eye will turn to the dead-heading that needs to get done… so you’ll need a small basket to collect the bits in. Or maybe you want to gather flowers for a bouquet? This trug is indispensable.

Napkin Rings

Outdoor dining needs a whole new concept in my opinion – and it’s a concept that I get giddy thinking about. Small adjustments to your normal tablescape can have a huge impact, like these napkin rings from Garden Trading. Simple, elegant, and add that rustic touch to outdoor dining.

Bembridge Storage Basket

Great for outdoor storage (and great indoors too frankly!), to keep all of those little bits in order like your gardening scissors, or your twine, or a dog-toy or two.

Water Butt

Excuse me… come again? A water butt is the ultimate entertainment accessory if you are having a lot of big nights at yours. This one is a particular favourite because it has that industrial, vintage look to it.

Oil & Vinegar Set

I love love love these simple oil and vinegar pair – there’s something that sort of screams Italian countryside that I like about them, and honestly… I’ll take Italian countryside any day of the week!

Wellow Tumblers

My outdoor glasses are different from my indoor ones and I’ll tell you why. I don’t want to have to worry about people breaking them, or people worried about taking care of expensive crystal when outdoor parties should be relaxed and all about having fun. These tumblers are thick and hearty, salt of the earth glasses if you will.

Gardening Lovers – Assemble!

I think since I launched my blog around fashion and beauty, I always was a bit nervous to introduce something completely different like gardening and horticulture. I’ve been amazed by the response that I’ve gotten and it’s fuelled me to write more for you! Is there something you want to be learning more about? I’m literally an open book with this stuff so ask away! Oh and if you have any tips for me, I always love to learn from my community about gardening and garden style hacks that you have loved over the years!

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