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27th July 2021
I have found that adding this particular kind of accent around the home really makes a huge difference to my space - not to mention that it more affordable than many other home purchases.

More than ever we are spending time indoors – and although the world is reopening, we are making serious changes around our homes. The spaces that we used to spend a portion of our time in are now being used more than ever… and we are noticing all of the improvements that we wish we could do to it. All of the small annoyances are now exponentially worse somehow? And perhaps any budget that you had for a handbag collection is slowly funding home purchases instead. You are SO not alone! I definitely have always loved interiors, but if this pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that the home is where the heart is. So we need it to be somewhere we feel happy in, right? But wow – how expensive are interior purchases?? Wallpaper, builders, even small antique accents seem to cost a fortune (and I secretly think that the home-wear industry have upped their prices due to demand – cheeky cheeky). I have found that adding this particular kind of accent around the home really makes a huge difference to my space – not to mention that it more affordable than many other home purchases.

Why I Love Coffee Table Books

Can I just say that I get an overwhelming sense of joy every time a new coffee table book comes through the door? I mean – it can literally add so much to a space! Even if you can’t afford the perfect Victorian wardrobe, or that four-poster bed frame that looks like it directly came from Versailles – a coffee table book brings in a piece of the world that you love. I think it’s also such a nice expression of your personality too! I mean – I am definitely the Lydia who loves neutral tones and a connection to nature, but equally I will always love the art world and fashion. With coffee table books, you don’t have to commit to an entire theme for the room- you can add accents that on the whole represent who you are as a person. And we are all so multi-faceted that I actually find it quite a beautiful practice. How nice is it to offer a coffee table book to someone as a house gift when they move? Or even as a birthday gift? It’s extremely thoughtful, and you can tailor it to their tastes. And we haven’t even discussed actually flipping through the glossy pages of these books – what a nice thing to do as you sit by the fireplace or just to unwind during the day with a cup of coffee. I thought I would curate a short list of some of my favourites that I have amassed over the years.

AD – Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style

iI you are going to get any coffee table book, let it be this one! The perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing on the outside, and full of gorgeous inspiring images on the outside.


Any of these books is an amazing addition to your home. And I think this is a great inexpensive gift to give anyone as well (I think they are about £20-25 and really make an impact if you are attending a dinner).

The Pig

Have you ever had the privilege of visiting any of The Pig locations around the UK? If not, this is a great way to get to know the lifestyle behind the brand. Farm to table recipes, country-living interiors, and a real sense of luxury but in a humble way if that makes sense? The book itself is a dusty rose colour with gold writing and adds a subtle pop to any coffee table or bookshelf.

Nurture: Notes and Recipes from Daylesford Farm

Another great keepsake from one of the hotels and restaurants that I have visited time and time again is this one from Bamford and Daylesford spas.

Tim Walker Pictures

Do you know this fantastic fashion photographer? Even if fashion isn’t necessarily your jam, no one can deny the absolute mastery behind the way this photographer captures his subjects.

The Big Book Of Chic

It’s all in the name! An assortment of various chic elements assembled in one convenient book – if you are looking to add a little elegance to your space, this is a great one.

Haute Bohemians

A book that follows the taste and style of 20 different bohemians, each in their own way, shot by the amazing Miguel Flores-Vianna.

Lee (Icons)

Lee Radziwill is the sister to Jackie O, and has had one of the most fabulous lives you could imagine. A peak into a period of history, and a look at modern-day aristocracy, I love flipping through this book and learning about her elegant and sophisticated world.

Eat, Drink, Nap

If you don’t have this book already, run don’t walk to the link below. It’s a classic that works for any space, and is the most affordable book on my list today. Discover the beauty of Soho House’s locations around the world, including the gorgeous Soho Farmhouse.

You Deserve a Love Which Always Feels Like Summer, Seasons

What an absolutely beautiful expression from the visual masterminds Emily Cox and Melissa Harris. Embossed with gold foil and covered in Italian linen – yes please!

I would love to know what your favourite coffee table books are! I’m always on the hunt for more.

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