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10th August 2015 Lifestyle

Morning Wellness Close to Home

There have been a number of occasions recently, when talking to people that the subject of my blog genre has popped up.

“You do a bit of everything these days!”

“There’s not as much fitness.”

are the usual suspects.

Following my battle with panic disorder, I realised that health was so much more than muscle tone and protein shakes. Heath is also nourishing your body, taking care of your body and making time to clear and care for your mind.

As an avid lover and goer of luxury Spa breaks I wanted to incorporate that same indulgence and escapism you experience when visiting a health retreat, as close to home as possible. So that when ever I needed to get away from it all I could do so without  the hassle of booking a weekend away.

“I wanted to incorporate that same indulgence and escapism you experience when visiting a health retreat,”

Low and behold, three minutes from our new home, nestled down a quiet lane surrounded by greenery was The David Lloyd fully equipped with all I needed to live my new truly healthy lifestyle.

The gym, which is blissfully quiet at 7am means I am able to ensure I still keep those endorphins flowing throughout the week but the mini spa area is my little world of escapism.

As often as possible I will schedule in some time to make full use off all of it’s facilities. Starting with a 10 minute sauna which not only makes my skin glow by increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to it, but it also does wonders for DOMS which I suffer with all too often by heating up your body in the same way it would do when you’re suffering from a fever, thus promoting healing.

The Steam room is what I like to call the pamper room as this is where I apply all the self indulgent lotions and potions. I like to apply a deeply nourishing hair mask for the duration of my time (as long as I can with stand usually) in the steam room whilst also rubbing coconut all over my skin to ensure that it is fully absorbed. This means I leave silky smooth from head to toe, literally.

But my favourite of all has to be the hot bed, which for those who are yet to experience them, is a stone bed which is surprisingly comfortable and deliciously heated. I could lie there for hours gathering my thoughts, placing them in little imaginary rows and planning the week a head. It’s the perfect place for some real mindfulness.


This post was shot on the Olympus Pen E-PL7 and the 45mm Lens.

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This post is in collaboration with David Lloyd but all views are my own.

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