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5th November 2021
I am constantly checking myself before I wreck myself.

This year marks the official ten year anniversary of me working in the digital space as a creator and influencer – does this show my age? You know what, I don’t even care! I’m so proud to be part of one of the biggest marketing movements in history that changes on a constant conveyor belt. But wait – doesn’t that get tiring? Your job evolving and always in flux? Ummm yes. Yes it does, thanks for asking.


A Real Thrillist At Heart

I suppose I would identify myself as being somewhat of a thrillist. I think I do some of my best work when I have a tight deadline, or when I feel a bit overwhelmed. Now! This is not a healthy habit, and I am constantly checking myself before I wreck myself. Anxiety-led work is OK from time to time, but shouldn’t be the main driver in your every day life – am I right?

I think that because the world of social is constantly changing, it sort of comes with the territory. Do you know what I mean? If it’s not an emerging platform like TikTok, it’s a new way of creating content like Reels. And all while making sure that you are respecting yourself and what you want to put out creatively. And your tone of voice. And your authenticity. And making sure you are being as inclusive as possible (which is so so important to me).

There’s sometimes a weight on my shoulders that overpowers me. I find myself saying : “Lydia, you have this platform, so it’s my responsibility to do something great with it”. But you know what? You just have to do the best you can. Some people will love what you do, and some people won’t love what you do. That’s human nature. That’s normal. And I’m 100% here to support you in however you want to use social media.

Tips for Social Media

OK but besides a little tipple from the occasional glass of adult grape juice to get me through those hyper-busy days, I thought I would write down how I make social media work for me on the daily. Honestly it was so good for me to write all of this out as I often forget that these are the keys to having a sound mind, and refocus on my mission.

Create & Share Content that You Love

No matter the trends, no matter what all of your peers my be doing- you must stay true to why you started your platform, or why you love to be on social media. For one thing, that’s why people started following you. But more importantly, this is what makes you happy. This is what makes your IG, or Youtube, or any other platform completely YOU. And what’s more beautiful than that? Your mindfulness will thank you if you stay true to who you are.

Limit Your Account with Comments

Oh hallejuyah! This will help you manage your community interactions when they are starting to get out of hand. Not to mention keep the trolls at bay.


Mute Accounts That Don’t Add Value To Your Feed

OK so I think that we all follow some accounts where we feel we sort of ‘have to’ follow them. Perhaps your Aunt Millie has started a cooking IG where she posts every 2 hours and that doesn’t 100% align with what you want to see on your feed – don’t unfollow her, just mute the account. That way you’re in charge of when you see her content, not the other way around. Sorry Aunt Millie, I support you but can’t see another chicken cacciatore for the fourth time today.

Have An Inspiration Account

Ouuu this is one of my favourite tips and one of the things I love most about social media. It’s a private place just for me and everything that inspires me creatively, I follow only a handful of wonderful accounts and post pictures that I find, quotes, home decor basically anything that makes my heart sing. I keep the account private and have no followers.

Set A Daily Time Limit

So mine is two hours per day, but who am I kidding? It’s often more. You can set a timer in your app that alerts you when you have reached your time limit. Very good for keeping track of time-wasting!

Before Bed Routine/Before Morning Routine

The answer to mindless scrolling is simple – plug your phone in another room other than your bedroom. You won’t be tempted to look at it if it isn’t by your bedside.

Blacklist Words for Anti-Bullying

These platforms can be scary places. I’ve spoken about them openly as being wonderful but also fully toxic mediums for people to bully and antagonise. One way that I’ve combatted this is by making sure to blacklist words that won’t add value to my community. It saves me from reading awful messages, and also saves my feed from being clogged with negativity.

Are you struggling with bullying online?
I want you to know that you are so not alone if this is the case. Here are some phone numbers if you or someone you know is being bullied. It happens more often than you think.


National Bullying Helpline : 0300 323 0169

Anti-Bullying Alliance – Childline : 0800 1111

The Police : 999

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