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10th September 2015 Lifestyle

Little girl, big dreams

small1 To say this was one of those “Pinch me! Like is this legit happening right now?’ moments, is a slight understatement.  Let me take you back 15 years to 12 year old me, a tiny built little thing with one eyebrow and a Kangol beanie on her head, convinced that when she grows up she’ll be the next big model. I know, Like every girl right? I wasn’t exceptionally tall nor did I have those limbs which seemed to go on forever and ever, you know the ones I mean, those limbs that make you look at your own in a completely different light following their encounter. Somehow I actually managed to get myself and my somewhat wide Italian nose onto the books of a London agency, but needless to say even with the monobrow a painful distant memory, I never got booked! Not even for hair work, something which I am able to grow in abundance…everywhere.

So to find myself staying within the streets of luxurious Porto Montenegro, dining 5 star, chauffeured around via speed boat and shooting with a Photographer who regularly shoots for one of my favourite fashion resources, Harper’s Bazaar, really did leave me questioning whether my ability to day dream had truly out-done it’s self this time. But I have the images to prove it, the momentary memories captured for me to look back on in 40 years time and remember how truly wonderful it was that my dream as a child was no where near as amazing as my life turned out to be.


Images shot by Jay Mclaughlin for Olympus

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Dress – Zara Sale (it had make-up on it)     Sandals – Chloe     Sunglasses – Celine @ Sendoptics     Bag – Balenciaga     Camera – Olympus

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  1. Just a little critic. It’s great that you have a story about how u made your dreams come true. But when we look into your story, we didn’t find any details of HOW you made it come true
    You just compared your old life and your new life. So can you elaborate more? Because it would’ve been great to get informations from the blogs we read.

  2. Hi Lydia,
    I am such a fan! I am so happy I came across your channel last year, I find you completely inspiring and you have motivated me to live my best life. I will be honest and say that I was taking a lot of things for granted and as hard as it is to say I definitely had a sense of entitlement regarding certain aspects of my life. I now feel more present in my own life and I feel so happy.
    I love all your recommendations and I also loved the recommendations from your team e.g what they are reading or products they are using. I hope we continue to see that on your website.
    Anyway, you are lovely!
    Emma xx


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