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22nd July 2020 Lifestyle


Well, that was a slightly longer break than I intended to take from my diaries. I feel like at the beginning of lockdown, everything kind of went a bit quiet didn’t it!? Contracts were put on hold, everyone began working from home and time seemed to be in abundance, but as the realities of lockdown set in, work in my sector actually began to return to (new) normal which has taken a bit of juggling, especially now with so many new hobbies that I didn’t have pre Covid. Just for transparency, Ali and I actually watched Gardeners World for the first time in our lives last night and I enjoyed it!

So lets catch up! What have you been doing these last few weeks? How have you found things re-opening and social lives somewhat resuming? I went for my first “night out” at the weekend to celebrate three years of working with my best friend. We went to our favourite places where we live, ate pizza, drank wine and laughed so so much, it was an absolute tonic for the soul and I think thats one of the things I’ve realised I really missed over the last few months. You know those “good life” moments where you just look around and you’re surrounded by good vibes, good people, good wine and your heart just feels full. I intend to have more of those moving forward I think.

I’ve seen people travelling the world and my instagram has been full of the most wonderful views across the world, have you found yourself itching to travel yet? I know I have felt the itch but am perhaps not quite there yet, I think life post lockdown is a very personal journey now and everyone is just working out what feels right for them. But I’m booking in a little staycation and some trips and work in London has began to trickle in so I’m sure I will be back there in no time, Lumi will be livid ha-ha!

I know I mentioned earlier about hobbies and I’m intrigued, have you picked up any new hobbies whilst in lockdown? I feel like the entire world caught the gardening bug and I’m wondering how much of it will stick around as life resumes? I know I’m hoping to continue and progress with everything I have been growing, in fact this week I purchased my first vegetable seeds so I will be sure to update you on how that goes, I’m still no better at growing Rosemary though, I’m on my third attempt and still nothing!


So how have you been? What have you been up to? Have you caught the gardening bug? What have you been growing? Have you travelled or booked any travel? Are you back at work? How has that been? Let me know in the comments!








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