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27th April 2021
I’m pretty certain we’ve all unwittingly allowed negative energy to infiltrate our space on the odd occasion

31ST MAY 2018

I’m pretty certain we’ve all unwittingly allowed negative energy to infiltrate our space on the odd occasion. From those situations which spawn from absolutely nothing and end up being absolutely something, to those individuals we all know of who seem to thrive off of it. It comes in many shapes and forms and you only realise it’s impact when you rid yourself of it entirely.

One of the best gifts I ever gave myself was that of a (mostly) positive life and mind set. I say mostly, because I try my best but absolutely no one is perfect (and my internet presence has never been about duping you into thinking I am) there are times, usually when I’ve taken my eye off the ball, where I have allowed negative energy or thoughts into my life and if you want my honest feedback on those times, they were the absolute worst.


Have you ever found yourself focusing an abnormal amount of energy on what others have? What others are doing? On what you don’t have? I’d say this is the easiest way to allow negative energy into your life without even realising it. I learned the tell tale signs of this on my own, but what I hadn’t banked on was friends who were in this mind set bringing it into my space. Before you realise it, you’re discussing it over text messages, at breakfasts or get togethers and its a firm topic of conversation that has no positive out come.

It took months before I realised the impact it was having on my focus and I immediately took a stand and made it known this wasn’t what I wanted to discuss anymore. To me its so much more productive to discuss important issues, issues you have slightly more control over than what is going on in other peoples lives and also just discussing the positive things that are happening in life at that moment. My best friend and I have this little “thing” that we do, where we celebrate every victory, no matter how small and honestly, it is so incredibly good for the soul.


Drama is one thing about the internet which I really don’t like. The shade, the dragging and the general nastiness we see on the daily basis spreading online has created a culture where we actively seek it out or feel it even when theres no substance to it. Tension is created where tension isn’t necessary and before long there’s a situation that never needed to happen. It seems minuscule in the beginning but before long its effecting a lot of the areas of life or work. You start dreading situations and saying no to things you would normally jump at the chance to, to avoid uncomfortable environments.

I speak purely from experience here but, I cannot emphasise more the relief you will experience the moment you put that crap firmly to bed. More often than not it’s misunderstandings, over-thinking and general life that has lead to that point and talking it out, letting it go and moving forward has such a profoundly positive impact on your state of mind. So if there’s someone you’ve been thinking about in particular as you read this, give them a text and thank me later.


Unfortunately there are some people in the world who are just negative. More often than not, they are simply yet to have the realisations most of us have had regarding this mind set and they will eventually see the light. From the friend who feels the need to compete over absolutely everything to the one who has nothing positive to say about anything or anyone. Sometimes its best to give them some space because as much as they are your friend, you gotta protect that positivity of yours and hope that they can change their mind set in their own time. This its self doesn’t have to be a drama, there doesn’t need to be a big fall out, an argument or unnecessary stress caused. Sometimes you can just walk away and know that it was for the best.


I always think I’ve got my positive practices nailed but then something else presents itself, making a huge impact on my every day life and I just can’t wait to share it. I first learnt about The Miracle Morning from Apartment Number 4’s blog a few months ago and I’ve been doing my best to implement some of the practices to my own life on a regular basis but I don’t try to be too perfect. I find striving for perfection from the outset usually leads to disappointment so I’m taking each day as an experiment and all I am experiencing is positivity so far.

Another thing to massively impact my every day positivity was changing up my health and fitness routine, if you are an OG reader you will remember when I introduced fitness to my blog a few years ago. I was heavily focused on weight training and protein supplements which unfortunately, without realising I grew tired of in recent years. I wasn’t going to the gym enough and felt incredibly demotivated. I always said I’d hate fitness classes and could just about cope with Yoga but in late 2017, just before the wedding I discovered Spinning and Pilates and now theres no stopping me. I’m back on track and the healthiest I’ve been for a long time. Changing things up and trying new things was a godsend and if there’s one thing I could tell any person experiencing a blip of negativity, its up your health focus, get in the gym, eat your veggies, it might not eradicate the problems completely but I promise, it will do wonders for your wellbeing.


So I’ve taken what I learned from finishing The Miracle Morning and applied it in a way that suits my own life on a day to day basis. I’ve learnt so much about myself over the last year and rising early, having routines and structures and surrounding myself with as much positivity that I can physically squeeze in to every day has lead me to a space where I really do “live my best life” most days.

That being said I always allow my body and mind to crash and rest when it needs to, because it always needs to.

So inspired by the The Miracle Morning, this is what my day begins like;

– I like to rise around 6:30am but if I need to snooze a bit more I make 7:30am my cut off point where I have to get up but 6:30 is always my favourite.

– With the influence of my best friend I try to eat as healthy as I can,  but I do love a coffee or an energy drink, personally my favourite during the summer months is a cold can of Aspire as its so much less sugary than other energy drinks and over ice its a nice little pick me up.

– There have been so many changes in the last year and my fitness regime has had to adapt to all of them. Most notably since moving, I now work out from home. So once I’ve had my morning pick me up its down to the gym for a pilates class or out for a run in the beautiful countryside.

– Breakfast of choice, I love strawberries and bananas in a bowl with yogurt, an energy ball or eggs of some sort to set me up for the day.

– Wash, get ready – whilst I do this my favourite practice at the moment is listening to motivational books on audible. Yes some of it can be a little too much information for me but I see past that and absorb as much as I can of the good messages whilst applying my favourite mascara!

– Get to work!

– I keep the evening after work for any meditation or yoga as I find that quite calming and relaxing ready to wind down for the evening.

And thats what my miracle morning with a little miracle at the end of the day looks. Sometimes, you don’t have to replicate what works for someone else, its more important to find what actually works for you and run with it. Try new things, some things might not work but others will, and work out a routine, a mind set and a way of life that helps you live your best life as often as possible.


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  • Deborah
    20th May 2021 at 10:44 am

    Congratulations on your new website. Your articles are uplifting, down to earth and inspiring. Thank You for sharing such great content! Your adorable! Aloha

  • Lisa Autumn
    16th May 2021 at 11:54 am


    Lisa |

    4th May 2021 at 2:35 pm

    I so agree. Fantastic article. This last year has been so crazy, it was important to keep a routine for peace of mind. And sometimes you find out who your friends really are during hard times. My husband was in a serious accident in December and some of the people I thought were my closest friends turned out not to be. I have had to let those friendships go for my peace of mind.
    I like to get up before everyone else and do a short meditation and get my workout in first thing. Next, I catch up on my business and work around the house. At night, I have started doing a nighttime stretch and longer meditation. After that, all electronics are off for the night.
    I think we all need to find what is right for ourselves and what gives us peace.

  • Martina
    4th May 2021 at 9:03 am

    Hi Lydia, I love this post and the new website! Congrats!
    I’m currently going through Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and your words are pure oxygen to me.
    It’s been tough, but I’m managing to get the best out of this experience. During these months, I’m learning to listen to my body and its needs – which I’ve never done it before – and to let go of the things out of my control.
    My new morning routine is pretty simple because I have to rest a lot. So, once I wake up, I do a 20-minute low-impact workout if I’m feeling it, a healthy breakfast, getting ready with the clothes I love the most, cuddles with my pets, and a check on my plants.
    Thanks to you, I started gardening in my apartment, and I genuinely love it! It brings so much peace and joy to me! And when I see the flowers blooming is such a milestone to me!
    Please keep sharing your path because it’s one of the main motivations, and all of your suggestions are so helpful!
    Send love from Italy!

  • Francesca
    30th April 2021 at 6:57 am

    I absolutely love your new website, I have really enjoyed reading your article on Let go of negativity & live more positive life. Such a good read. Lots of love xxx

  • Francesca
    30th April 2021 at 6:54 am

    I absolutely love your new website, and I have really enjoyed reading your article Letting of negativity & live more positive life ?. Xxx

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