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21st January 2016 Lifestyle

Learning to live a Happier life









Every day that I wake up, I wake up happier than the last well at least I think I do, perhaps it just seems that way, but none the less, I feel it and even on those days where I might not have got the full 40 winks. It’s important for me to feel happy every day because the moment I let go of that feeling is the moment I fall out of love with life. The old me didn’t understand that you had to consciously live a happy life, it doesn’t just happen. You learn to live happier and you learn how to love life. So if you have ever wondered how I evolved from a mixed up little teenager into the happy-go-lucky twenty something year old that I am today, then I’m about to tell you my secrets.


We have all experienced times in our lives where we feel that we may have been wronged and it’s even harder to take when its from someone you like, cared about or even aspired to be. But holding on to those feelings of animosity will inevitably consume you and any happiness that you may have once felt.

But learning to let go, accept what has happened and move the hell on from it, perhaps even learning a little and growing as a person along the way really is a satisfying and liberating process. All you have to do is let it go.



You know all those people who moan about people who post status’ and pictures about going to the gym? Well that is exactly the kind of person you do not want to be. That person hasn’t experienced or embraced the feeling of taking care of themselves and doesn’t quite understand how exhilarating it is. I’m sure one day they will but until then simply ignore them and embrace the endorphins.

Exercise absolutely changed my world it enabled me to fall in love with my body, learn just how disciplined I am and also push myself through nothing but motivation. It really did mould me into a better person.


[lem_title]Be Thankful[/lem_title]

Being thankful is something I practise daily as outlined in previous posts. I’m thankful to simply wake up in the morning so everything else just blows my mind. I’m thankful for the amazing people I have in my life, like seriously there’s billions of us out there and I got blessed with a bunch of the best, what are the odds. I’m thankful that I am able to sit and snuggle with Lumi whilst sipping on a velvety coffee in the morning for just a few minutes extra, I’m thankful for the frost I had to scrape off my windscreen this morning and I’m thankful for all of these little moments throughout every day.


[lem_title]Surround Yourself with goodness[/lem_title]

As I mentioned, somehow I ended up with a great bunch of humans surrounding me. But when I say somehow what I really mean is I selected them intrinsically. From the best friend who selflessly helps me in day to day life or picks me up when I need it most to the Grandma who was there when I needed her the most. Those are the people who I choose to keep around me, who enrich my world every day and make it as happy as it is.


How do you live the happy life?

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