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12th November 2021
Home is where the heart is, I really do subscribe to this.

Home is where the heart is, I really do subscribe to this. Post-pandemic, we are now more than ever we are looking at living spaces and evaluating every inch of our homes. I mean, it was hard not to when we were stuck inside for so many months! Luckily for me, a house audit isn’t actually a hardship for me as I’m completely obsessed with all things interior. Are we surprised? But I know many of you struggle with home decor. The style decisions. The cost. The spacial measurements that we can never quite nail. Somehow that mirror looked way bigger on the website than it does over your mantlepiece. And oh crumbs… it’s non-refundable. Frustration after frustration.


Which Room Do You Love?

But I want to know- what is the most important room in the house to you? Is it where you snuggle up at the end of a long day, curled up by the fire and completely letting go of the stresses that came in from the office? Or maybe it’s your bedroom and you’ve curated a room that is so utterly you that you can’t get enough of. For me, I would have to say that one of my favourite rooms has to be the kitchen. I mean – you know me! I’m such a foodie and hosting the people I love is so important to me. I have designed and redesigned this room over and over in my head. Adding those subtle touches that make the room more functional but also more Millen-Gordon. So I think I’ll focus on this room for today, and all of the things in it that make it a space I want to spend lots of time in!

I think there are some essentials that most kitchens need. Whether you are more of a lone wolf or a social butterfly, you’ll definitely want to check out some of these recommendations to turn your kitchen into your favourite space to hang out in. So let’s start! I’m going to try my hardest to save you from the impending frustrations and let you know what has worked for me in my kitchen.

Now let’s get cookin’. Proverbially but also literally! Here are some of the items in my kitchen that make it a space I want to spend time in. I’ve tried to find a range of price-points and mix in some decor/cooking elements for the various cooks and non-cooks out there. No judgement, I accept you as you are!

The Aesthetic Accents

Tea Towels from William Sonoma

Ohhhhh love to love you baby! Nothing will add that gorgeous subtlety like William Sonoma. And if your bank card won’t allow you to shop all of the collection, a tea towel is a perfect place to start.

Sink Essentials

Let’s face it – there are activities you’d probably rather do than washing up your dishes, right? Try to make your sink a place you want to be around by having beautiful dispensers and nice washing up soap that won’t destroy your hands.

Mauviel Copper Pots

Such a beautiful accent that also happens to cook your food much more evenly, as it so turns out! I love it when people hang them above their cooking stations, or if they are carefully placed on a mantle or wall.

Copper Salt & Pepper Mills

Such a beautiful rustic touch with a salt and pepper mill. I think that no table setting is complete without this, and it’s an affordable way to upscale your table setting.

Le Creuset

Truly anything Le Creuset will do the trick. It cooks your food so beautifully, and is such a nice piece to have resting on your stovetop. I love the Cream colour and the Matte Black, but a pop of colour is always quite fun!

The Practicals


I have to say – if there is something that I swear by in the kitchen, especially for winter cozy meals, it has to be my Thermomix. I love that you can make everything from sauces, to soups, to ice cream in this machine. Caution for smaller kitchens, it’s quite chunky and takes up a bit of room.

Measuring Spoons

But not just any measuring spoons ladies and gentlemen – measuring spoons from Garden Trading who will make you want to actually get out your apron and start baking!

Brabantia Scales

Nothing like an easy measuring system to make sure that recipe is perfection. This digital scale is definitely an essential.

Pantry Jars

If you’re like me, I like to make A LOT of food and store it (queue Thermomix, but I digress…). The best ways to store food are with these glass pantry jars. And a plus? They are very aesthetically pleasing to look at!

The Ambiance Setters

Daylesford Candle

For the kitchen I specifically love the Vine Tomato candle as it brings in that light green-y smell if you know what I mean? Something quite home-y and fresh about it.

Sette Table Linen

When I have guests over, one of my favourite spots to dress up is the dining room table. I feel like I can relax if the table is set, and then crack on with the cooking. The fastest way to make a table fit for gorgeous dining is with Sette Table Linens – the French detailing is beyond!

Potted Herbs

I love the smell that they fill the kitchen with, but this is also key for adding that freshness to your cooking. This is absolutely essential in my kitchen.

The Cleaning Crew

Wood Washing Up Brush

Nothing says country chic like a wooden wash brush. Not only is this a sustainable option, but there is something so pleasing about having it on your counter. A rustic little addition that makes me so happy!

Kinfill Cleaning Products

These eco-friendly products are excellent for your home and the planet, and the minimal packaging is beyond gorgeous that you’ll (almost) want to keep it out on your countertop.

What are some of the kitchen essentials that you swear by? I’m always on the hunt for new additions and your recommendations are always something I keep in my mind when shopping!

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  • Jennifer Hibbert
    26th May 2023 at 7:33 am

    Hi Lydia,
    Maybe it’s me but I have searched and searched for any information on where you purchased your fantastic Butchers block situated on your kitchen island.
    I have been looking for one that size for ever.
    Please could you advise me.

  • kt
    4th January 2022 at 7:05 pm

    Hi Lydia, wold you please share your chutney recipes

    and have Ali share his califlower cheese receipe, that would be soo fun to see a few of your fav
    things to make

    happy newe year much love your way,

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