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3rd February 2015 Lifestyle

Kate Spade Blogger Essentials

Katespade mac4 KateSpade mac3Katespade mac2Katespade mac1So I’m finally getting round to decorating my office and the up stairs of our home. After hours spent on Pinterest I have finally settled on a theme for my little work space. I wanted it to be beautiful and inspirational whilst staying bright and clutter free which kept leading me back to Kate Spade.

With the right use of clean white, bold prints and vibrant pinks I’m hoping to create my perfect little place to handle all the day to day dealings for In my endless searches for nick nacks and accessories for my space, I managed to stumble across the Mac book sleeve of my dreams for a fraction of the price. Is it just me or is theres a distinct lack of beautiful ones? Regardless, I figured that if I was searching for them then so would a few other people and with this babe coming in at a mere £9 it won’t break the bank either. I managed to find them for the Mac Book air 11″ and 13″ and also a cute iPad Mini cover too which is definitely next on the hit list!


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