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13th January 2015 Wellness

Kale Chips – Healthy Crisps Recipe


Since the New Year I made a promise to myself to get back on the horse and nourish my body to the max. I was so unbareably embarrassed by how bad my diet had gotten before Christmas that I even started a week or so early. The instant relief from a few days of healthy eaten firmly cemented my new life for 2015 which has already seen me genuinely succeed at baking (I’m gonna be bragging about this for many blog posts to come you may as well get used to it).

With my new found baking talents I finally got around to trying my hand at Kale chips after my sister-in-law popped over her super easy recipe. I personally find that Chefs and bakers tend to throw that word around a little too flippantly for my liking but this really is as simple as it comes.

You will need:

Sliced Kale leaves (enough to fill a baking tray or more if you require)

Fresh Lemon

Sea Salt

Coconut Oil

Garlic Powder (optional)

  1. Place Kale into a mixing bowl ensuring all the tough stalks are removed and squeeze enough lemon to lightly coat the leaves. I then cover and leave to stand for around 20-30minutes.
  2. Next I place a blob (I’m sure thats the technical term) or teaspoon of Coconut oil into my hands to melt and then toss the leaves using my hands to coat them all in the oil.
  3. Then I generously grind salt over the leaves and you can also add a small sprinkling of garlic powder here too both are delicious.
  4. Once the leaves are lightly coated in all the ingredients I remove them from the bowl and put them onto a normal baking tray ensuring none are over lapping. I’d suggest making two trays purely because you never know who might come home hungry from the gym an devour them all.
  5. Pop it in the oven at 180 degrees for about 15/20minutes but check often as there is a very small window between green and crunchy or black and yucky.
  6. Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

I really love making these for when we have a girlie evening in at mine as my friends are quite health conscious too so it’s nice to enjoy “picky bits” as I like to call them, without worrying about over indulging.

Have you tried Kale Chips? If you’ve got any suggestions for Marinating them I would love to know, they are currently a huge favourite in our house.

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