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3rd June 2021 Life


Not to sound like a broken record but how refreshing is the start of a new month? Yep I am one of those interesting characters who craves fresh starts constantly! From New Year’s, to simply a new month, and if I’m being honest, even Mondays have a special place in my heart. I start the week off with a fresh page in my notebook, and I’m filled with the promise of a great week ahead, ready to conquer anything in my way.

I love the idea of nothing being definitive. Last week wasn’t so great, but this week (THIS WEEK!) I’m going to thrive in all of the discomforts and difficulties I was unable to do previously.  I feel a little vulnerable in doing this but I am also trying to stay true to one of my favourite age-old sayings: “Comfort zones are beautiful places but nothing ever grows there.” So here I am, diving head-first into the rather public licking of my wounds, the learnings I take each month in my healing and the growth I experience throughout. Brace yourself, it’s about to get real.


This way I can ensure that by the end of the week there’s nothing looming over my head.

I was chatting to a friend at a BBQ over the bank holiday and he was explaining how his work had changed over lockdown now that the team has returned back to the office. His work has introduced a new structure whereby if by Thursday you’ve managed to get everything you need to do done, and have had a productive week, you are able to take Friday off in the form of a long weekend. Sounds like the dream right? Now I pack a lot of stuff into every month/week and even more so now. There’s so much socialising I want to do, so much gardening and just general getting outside in nature to be done in the summertime, so my aim is to be even more productive at the start of every week with work. This way I can ensure that by the end of the week there’s nothing looming over my head. And this means that rosé in the sunshine is just that little bit more sweet. Making a to-do list on a Sunday evening is definitely going to help and also blocking out a day to ensure all my deadlines are met/having clarity over what needs to be done rather than trying to keep a mental tab is an absolute game changer for getting sh*t done.


Please tell me I’m not the only person who feels like they are seeing the world through new eyes? I turned to my husband on Sunday morning as we walked through the cow parsley in the woodland and said “has this woodland always been this spectacular?” I think I never really took the time to stop and notice everything that’s around me and whole-heartily take it all in. Did the air always smell this sweet at this time of year? Was there always this much beauty in our garden? June is all about taking five wherever I can to take it all in, wherever I am at that time: whether its a busy London cafe dining alfresco watching the world go by or knee-deep in mud working on the kitchen garden, just take a moment to breath it all in because the world really is magical.


“Being able to draw a line between what’s mine to hold on to and what’s someone else’s has been a revelation that I’m taking from May to June and so on into the rest of my life.”

This is a big one for me because I really like to harbour other people’s problems and somehow make them my own. Being able to draw a line between what’s mine to hold on to and what’s someone else’s has been a revelation that I’m taking from May to June and so on into the rest of my life. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m now 33 and simply don’t care as much as I used to about what other people think (I mean, who am I kidding… I fully do, but not nearly as much). Acknowledging when I have done enough, when I have been enough and when I simply am enough are all important daily prompts I remind myself of when tackling so many of life’s situations. It’s making navigating life a much calmer experience, and I like that!

P.s. I also intend on working on a golden glow in the safest way possible because I miss vitamin SEA so I think I deserve a little more Vitamin D. So lots of factor 50, rosé and a good book is just what the doctor ordered.


Are you into setting intentions? What are you planning for the month of June to make your July the best yet?

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  1. I have been for some time now tried to find a way how to make small changes in my life to be happier with it. I have always been this challenge type – you know who does something for 30 days (never actually does 30 days bc if I slip I lose motivation). I have now found a coach who I follow and whose help I aim to use, but just reading her blog and listening to her life’s I have already found so much good advice. None of it is easy.. I really struggle to be kind to myself (it is easy with others) but slowly learn that I shouldn’t (not) do anything bc of others. This is so freeing.
    I really love the posts where you have talked about your growth and things you have learned about yourself. It is so so inspiring. Also – the joy, the kindness that also shines through the screen – this makes the world so much better. Thank you for that! 🙂


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