an update from the kitchen garden – january

27th January 2023
As I type this now, my garden is tucked up under a glistening blanket of frost...
As I type this now, my garden is tucked up under a glistening blanket of frost that arrived yesterday morning and transformed the garden into a wintry wonderland once again.
The oak leaves have been dipped in a Snow White dust. A cloud of mist swaddles the woodland’s trunks. And grass blades, once soggy, have transformed into crisp works of art. 
If it wasn’t already obvious, weather like this brings me so much joy.

That being said, it’s no secret that January is known for its less-than-ideal gardening weather.

Yet here I am, itching to get out to the greenhouse asap! Just me?!

For that reason, I’ve decided to make a monthly kitchen garden diary on here and update you on my progress in the garden each month. In part, so that I can fill you in on my plans as they unfold (in case you too are looking to dedicate more time to your garden this year.) In part, so that I have a record of progress throughout the year that I can look back on when I’m in need of some inspiration. But mostly so I have an excuse to get outside each month and feel like I’m being productive out there!

Thank you to my loyal newsletter subscribers who suggested the idea!

With that in mind, at the weekend, I went out to the greenhouse for the first time in so long and dedicated a few hours to preparing for the year ahead.

For me, that involved clearing up fallen branches, leaves and debris left behind from recent winds. Given that we’re surrounded by woodland, when the wind picks up, it can make quite a mess! 

I also rounded up lots of old pots and containers from last year so that they’re ready and waiting for me to sow seeds in spring. 

(I’d say that I cleared the cobwebs off myself but we all know Ali had to step in and do that bit for me!)

When the cold started to get a bit too much (!) I head back indoors, made myself a coffee (black, no sugar, thanks for asking!) and started to think about what I want to plant this year. That led me to ordering a number of sweet peas first and foremost because if they’re sown in late January/early February it gives them enough time to grow strong roots, which can then be planted out after the last frost. You know I’m a sucker for good marketing names so naturally, I found myself ordering both ‘Swan Lake White’ and ‘Royal Family White’ variations!

Goodness knows what they’ll turn out like but at least they sound the part..!

Finally, here in the UK, there’s a national bird watch on 27th-29th January where we’re encouraged to count and document the number of birds that visit our garden across the weekend. With Queen Lumi around, I won’t lie, most birds think twice before getting too close to us. I shall be keeping an eye out this weekend nonetheless and making a conscious effort to pay more attention to the birds throughout the year.


I think that’s everything for January!
I’d love to hear what you have planned for the coming weeks too.

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