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20th June 2015 Beauty

In Training for The Sunset Relay

G10 G11Incorporating training into our get away has been quite an enjoyable experience and welcome change to standard lazy holiday days. Whether it’s sat on the seafront listening to the waves hit the rocks during some guided meditation and much needed stretching or running across the shore as the sun rises from the water, its such a beautiful way to start the day.

As mentioned in Monday’s post, next week I’m off to Sweden to take part in the Sunset Relay, the first ever relay race to defy the sun. We were given the option to select what activities to take part in. I wanted this to be a challenge and I wanted to push myself so I opted for some endurance cardio to switch things up from my normal HIIT training. In order to prepare I kissed goodbye to the comforts of my gym and took my workout to the open air.

G1 G2 G3 G4The beauty of training outside, in a place you don’t know is that anything could be round the corner and climbing over rocks or crawling through coves became a normal occurrence during my morning cardio. Not just leaving me breathless from the change in training, but also from the sheer beauty surrounding me.

G8 G9Running in the heat and under the glare of the sun does not only present challenges for your training but also for your skin so taking precautions are essential. A steady in take of fluids to prevent your body from over heating along side appropriate and effective protection against the sun are both ways to ensure your training is as comfortable and smooth sailing as possible.

G5 G7 G6I’ve got to be honest, this entire thing is completely out of my comfort zone and such a different concept to my usual training of a few laps around the local Park or some treadmill pounding. I’m nervous and totally unsure whether I’m going to be able to complete the challenging course a head of me but all I can do is my best.

You can stay up to date with all the trials and tribulations of our training by following the hashtag #SunsetRelay on Twitter and Instagram.


This post is in collaboration with Garnier

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